A policy change came into effect on 13th July 2020 that allows absences to be claimed for at the start or end of an enrolment in some circumstances.

An amendment included in the Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Building on the Child Care Package) Act 2019, which was passed by Parliament in December 2019, allows particular circumstances in which an absence may be eligible before a child’s first, or after their last, physical attendance under an enrolment, to be prescribed in the Child Care Subsidy Minister’s Rules 2017 (Minister’s Rules).

The practical effect of this is that in order to claim ccs for absences before first day of physical attendance or after last day of physical attendance it must be one of the acceptable reasons and you must provide the reason code. You must also tick ‘documentation held’ even in the case where no documentation is required ie the child is ill and has not used their 42 days of allowed absences.

Text of the summary provided by the department and the supporting document below.

The new absence reasons

An amendment adding the following absence reasons will be made to the Minister’s Rules in March 2020 so that absences will be paid before first/after last physical attendance for up to 7 days. (See clarification 1 below for more information). These are referred to as ‘prescribed’ absence reasons.

There are four new ‘prescribed’ absence reasons:

  1. Service has changed ownership
  2. Usual service closed and child attending different service under the same provider
  3. Enrolment ceased incorrectly
  4. Family tragedy

There is also a change in the treatment of when a child is ill is payable as prescribed in these circumstances:

  • Child is ill
    • With or without medical evidence if under 42 days
    • With medical evidence if over 42 days

These new prescribed absence reasons will pay for up to 7 days from the day of physical attendance at the beginning or end of an enrolment where the absence requirements are met, as long as the child has not used their allowance of 42 days per financial year.

The notice provided by the department is (here)[/uploads/AbsencePolicyChanges.pdf]