To add new Additional Educators for IS Claims please do the following steps:

Create a Staff login

This creates a unique SP ID which is needed later. you can skip this step only if they already have a SmartCentral account registered with their email address.

  1. Go to Accounts > Log Out
  2. Go to Register a new account
  3. go to Log In > Sign Up a New Account
  4. Register the additional educator with a unique email address, ticking the terms and conditions and click on ‘I’m not a robot’. Log out & repeat for each new educator.
  5. Log out

Attach the new staff account to your organsiation

This allocates them to your organisation. You only need to do this once per organisation.

  1. Log back in as yourself.
  2. Go to People > Staff then add the new staff memebr by adding their email address and select staff and click Save

Create a CCMS personel record

This tells CCMS that the staff member is associated with that service. It must be repeated for each Service the staff member must be connected to.

  1. Go to services, select which service you need to add the additional educator to.
  2. Click on the CCB link then scroll down to personnel and click on Add new personnel.
  3. Edit the form. See below for an explanation of each field.
  4. Ensure the start date for each educator is prior to the first claim they will appear on.
  5. Ensure the Additional Educator is flagged as Is Contact.
  6. Click Save and the update will be submitted to CCMS.

Note: CCMS can take 1 - 2 days to process personnel so we recommend you set them up in advance. Once the record becomes current they will appear in the Sp Personnel drop down and the Additional Educator timesheet table.

CCMS Personnel Record fields explained

  • Date of effect - When the submitted information goes live. Must always be tomorrow or greater
  • SP Personnel - select the SmartCentral account of the person you are updating
  • CCMS Personnel - leave blank , this will be filled in by CCMS
  • Nqa - leave blank, this will be filled in by CCMS
  • Relationship - select appropriate option
  • Start Date - can be in the past , make sure it is before the first claim or the claim will fail
  • End Date - leave blank unless you know in advance when they will be leaving
  • Last/First name - enter
  • Title - select appropriate option
  • Position Type - select appropriate option
  • Position Title - free text field
  • Role - select appropriate option (probably Additional Educator)
  • DOB - Date of Birth
  • Email address - should match the user account email
  • Qualification 1 - select appropriate option
  • Qualification 2 & 3 - only enter if applicable
  • Qualification other - only required if not a selection in Qualification 1 and you chose ‘Other’
  • Tick boxes - Select IS Contact only
  • Phone - enter

Ignore Carer, etc, scroll to the bottom and Save

Make sure you check for any error messages after the save. You will need to fix and save again to submit the record