If this child has been enroled here before by this parent but left and now they are back, you will need to restart the exited enrolment.

1.Query the enrolment to find the ceased date.

2.Edit the enrolment

3.Choose a new start date that’s on or after the ceased date, can even be today’s date (as long as it covers any new attendances) Eg. If the ceased date is a Monday & you have an attendance session on that day, make the start date the Monday. In some cases they may cease it on a Wednesday when the child will have attendances on the Monday & Tuesday, in these circumstances always choose the Monday as the start date, even if it’s a day or two before the ceased date.

4.Choose overwrite notice type 200A Late submission reason may be needed if the restart date is back dated greater than 2-3 weeks

5.Select Save - to resubmit the new restart date on the enrolment. This will wake the enrolment back up (restart - status will be PENDIN) and you can then add bookings and submit attendances as normal.

If you add new bookings or change the existing booking, go back to the enrolment and select edit/save to update the MYGOV enrolment notice. Parents will be asked to reconfirm the enrolment notice with the updated bookings.

You can also resend the CWA - on the enrolment (Update & Email CWA)

The parent will then need to confirm the enrolment on MyGov again and acknowledge the CWA digitally.

The child is new but the parent has had other children here (adding a new child)

  1. Search in the child list or global search to make sure the child is not already present
  2. Access the parent’s profile either by searching in the parent list or using the global search
  3. Click on the ‘Add New Child’ button to create the child’s intial profile
  4. Enter the child’s basic details
    • Frist Name
    • LastName
    • Date of Birth
    • CRN (if supplied)
    • Gender
  5. Hit save , this will create the child’s minimum profile. YOu can add addtional details to the child’s profile immeadiately or finish creating the new enrolment first
  6. Click on ‘Add Enrolment
  7. Pick up the correct Parent , enter the start date and hit save

You have now created the child’s enrolment

Child has been here before but was enroled by a different parent (adding a new parent)

  1. Search for the child id
  2. On the left hand side of your screen Click on the child id
  3. Click on ‘Add New Parent’ and enter the new parent information
  4. From the new parent screen click on ‘Add New Enrolment’

Both the child and parent are new to us (adding a new family)

  1. Create the Parent. Click People -> Parents -> New Parent.

2.Fill in the details and click “Save”.

3.Add New Child

4.Enter child details and “Save”.

5.Add new enrolment

6. Now that both Parent and Child are in the system, link the accounts and Save.

8.Add New Booking.

9.Fill in Booking Details.

Enrolment with booking is now created!

What next?

After creating a new enrolment the next step would normally be to add a booking to the enrolment.