Setting up of FDC Educators

  1. The educator registers in PRODA.
  2. Connect the educator’s PRODA record to your organisation via the Service > CSS > Personnel > Add New
  3. On the Service > Educators screen edit the new record to add the educator’s address , email and optionally an Educator Id if you have an ID in another system (eg your financial system).
  4. Create a new Room for the Educator from Services > Rooms . Its common practice to name the room after the educator. Link the Room to the educator in the room setup.
  5. If necessary set up additional fee codes to cover the educator’s sessions

At this point the educator’s setup is ready and they can be assigned to enrolments and bookings

  1. Add Educator to Enrolment
  2. Add Room to Bookings

As long as a new FDC educator is setup correctly, before their first attendance is submitted, it won’t be a problem.

You can’t submit attendances against an educator unless all the steps above are complete.