To add new Staff for logging on to SmartCentral please do the following steps:

Create a Staff login

This creates a unique SP ID which is needed later. you can skip this step only if they already have a SmartCentral account registered with their email address.

  1. Go to Accounts > Log Out
  2. Go to Register a new account
  3. go to Log In > Sign Up a New Account
  4. Register the staff or educator with a unique email address, ticking the terms and conditions and click on ‘I’m not a robot’. Log out & repeat for each new educator.
  5. Log out

Attach the new staff account to your organsiation

This allocates them to your organisation. You only need to do this once per organisation.

  1. Log back in as yourself.
  2. Go to People > Staff then add the new staff member by adding their email address and select staff or admin and click Save


  • Staff - have access to the Rolls, children screens and emergency reports
  • Admin - have access to all screens