Please Note:

Analytic reports are changed or created as needed, from a data pool that has only 4 to 6 months worth of SC data. The software used to generate these reports will error if the data returned is too large, hence the need to restrict how many months worth of data is available.

The pool of data is downloaded nightly from SC and therefore changes made within SC, wont be pickked up in the Analytic Reports until tomorrow.

This help may be behind in the latest list of reports available to you. If you can’t find what you are looking for in here please check the analytics themselves.

SmartCentral -> Extracts -> Analytics

List of Analytic Reports

Unfortunately at the moment, the analytics create their own order when loaded. We are investigating if the list of reports can be put in some order and will remove this help section if we are able. Until then you can try to find what you are looking for using your browser’s Find. And, if you cant find it please ask us in support’s chat.

Exporting Analytic Reports

To export any report, to the allowable extensions, click on the top left upwards arrow (in between sort & insights).

Reports using all SC data

Other reports can be found SmartCentral -> Extracts -> Reports

These reports that need access to all SC data, they will sit under SmartCentral -> Extracts -> Reports. These reports require code changes to be updated or a new one created, therefore depended on the urgency and need may stay in the development pipeline longer than an analytical report request.

Analytic Reports

The following Reports in SC Analytics can be found under Extracts -> Analytics

Covid Tracing Current Week - Bookings Only

Covid Tracing Current Week Report, returns Parent & Child details for bookings in the current week.

A child / parent row is only added once, regardless if the child is booked to attend one day or more.

Absences booked are not recorded. These will need need to be checked and if not attending any sessions this week will need to be removed from the list.

Any casuals who have only been added to the current week’s rolls (ie using “add session, with no casual booking when the report is run) are not returned within the report. These need to be added manually to the report.

IF you have more than one service, in your SC organisation, the report will default to returning a list for all services, or you can select the service(s) you want.

Age Next Birthday By Room

Returns name of child, Date of Birth (DOB), the child’s age next birthday and their next birth date. The report is sorted by room & month

You can select one or more rooms, to be returned in the report

You can select one or more months, to be returned in the report

ECEC Supplementary Dashboard

You can find the help for the SmartCentral’s ECEC Supplementary Dashboard, here