The PULL IN button on approved and incomplete applications

PULL IN puts the application into the Submitted list, so you can re-approve or request more information from the parent.

Some examples follow for using the PULL IN button, there are probably more

Eg1. If you have approved an application for an existing family, but forgot to tick the enrolment so the booking didn’t get added to the enrolment within SC (go to approved list - pull in the application from approved to submitted - re approve.)

If you want to pull in an application from Incomplete. Maybe the carer is struggling to complete the application themselves, you can approve what is completed and manually add the rest - be careful though not to duplicate an existing family - you may need to use EDIT on the application to add names, CRNs, DOB so the system can realise this is the same family.

Parents separate - father’s application over wrote mother’s authorisations on their child’s TABs. Ask support to split the child. Pull in both former approved applications for both parents into submitted. Approve mother with existing child. Approve father with new child (the system finds the split child). 2 enrolments, duplicated child, with different child TAB data, where relevant