The *Applications** menu gives you access to any enrolment application submitted online through the Parent Portal. The number displayed next to the top level menu is the count of of applications that are sitting waiting to be processed. Applications go through a life cycle and each tab provides access to a list of applications at that particular stage. The stages are :

  • Incomplete

    A parent has commenced filling in an application but has not completed and submitted the application.

  • Submitted

    The application has been submitted by the parent and is waiting action by a staff member.

  • Waitlisted

    A Staff member has reviewed the application and determined that it cant be accepted at this time (generally because of insufficient capacity). The application has been ‘parked’ onto the waitlist and may be approved at a later date.

  • Information Requested

    A Staff member has determined that the information supplied is insufficient in some respect. For example the parent may have attached the wrong document. The application has been referred back to the parent to update and resubmit.

  • Approved

    The application has been accepted and processed. Parent, child and enrolment details have bee created and/or updated accordingly.

  • Rejected

    A Staff member the service is unable to accept the application. Once rejected an application cannot be actioned further