SmartCentral provides an option for you to bill parents in advance of care being provided. We call this option Fee Projection.

Fee Projection calculates an estimate of the cost of care for 1 or more weeks in advance. If you intend to use this option you need to be aware of the characteristics of this. Most of the complications related to CCB & CCR . These wont apply if the centre is non-approved or the enrolments are informal.

  • The estimate is calculated based on bookings. Casual days must be recorded in the booking system to be picked up in fee projection

  • The estimate uses the parent’s CCB/CCR entitlement history. If there was an attendance in the preceding week then the entitlement is drawn from that. Otherwise it is drawn from the enrolment information (which is less reliable).

  • It is only an estimate, the actual rebates received can be (and often are) different. The parent’s circumstances and therefore their entitlement can change from week to week.

  • Even though a week of care may have been Submitted* it does not become the actual result until the attendances have reached **Processed

You can use the Fee Projection option when you generate statements and also when you run payments by selecting the number of weeks you wish to project. If left on 0 no fee projection will be used.