Video “How to”

To see our Youtube video on auto marking known absences on the rolls click here

Booked Absences

You can set an enrolment’s booking, to auto mark the roll with “Hrs absence”, if you know in advance a family will be absent due to COVID related reasons.

You can also add an additional reason if a family may be in danger of running out of their 42 allowed absences.

Go to the family’s enrolments and click on the Bookings TAB.

Set the day, or the date range to cover the period the family has told you they will be absent. All bookings will be marked absent on the roll within the date range.

Eg1 If the booking is for 1 day in the future, the start/end date is the same - for the date they will be absent.

Eg2 If the booking is for Tue, Wed, Thurs and the date range covers 6 weeks, then every Tue, wed, thurs within that 6 week period, will be marked absent.

Add an additional reason if required & tick the supporting documentation box if you have the documentation to back the additional reason selected. (if over allowed days (42) and you have an additional reason, CCS wont be paid unless the supporting evidence box is ticked. In an audit you may be required to show the evidence - you can load it onto your PC and then onto the child’s documents TAB, so you can easily find it if required.

Bookings TAB

Adding An Absent Booking