Hi All . By the time you are reading this CCS will have gone live.

We have tried to minimise the operational impacts to you and your parents from the changes that take effect with CCS on 2nd July 2018.

Considerable effort has gone into making sure your enrolments and bookings migrate across smoothly but you are strongly encouraged to review them to be sure.

Below we have tried to summarise as briefly as possible what you need to know.

What is not live

  • Vacancy reporting won’t be live until 27th July
  • Reporting sign-in/out times are optional until January 2019 but digital sign-in is available now
  • Updating your enrolment forms to be CWA compliant must be done by 23rd Sept 2018. Your existing enrolment forms may already be compliant. See below.

Known Issues

  • The department can’t currently accept enrolments that start in the future so set the enrolment start date to today but make sure the booking start date reflects when the child really starts.
  • Don’t create the enrolment any more than 6 weeks before the first attendance or it will be exited due to inactivity.
  • If a parent disputes or rejects an enrolment you must submit an update on the enrolment to reactivate it for the parent to confirm once you reach agreement (even if nothing actually changes).

Service Types

From July 2nd start using the rolls and attendances in the new CCS service types. They appear in the services menu and also in the service pick lists on the Enrolments , Parents and Children screens. The new service types are :

(Z)CDC - Centre based care. This is the old LDC or OCC.
(Z)OSH - Outside School Hours care. All of BSC , ASC and VAC are lumped together here.
(Z)FDC - SmartCentral now also supports Family Day Care

Service Menu CDC

Service Menu OSH

Daily Rolls

From July 2nd onwards daily roll generation will switch from CCMS services to the CCS services.

Enrolment Types

  • The department has introduced four new enrolment types to replace the existing four enrolment types. They are basically a direct replacement but with an extra complication.

    • Formal -> Complying Written Arrangement (CWA)
    • Informal -> Registered Arrangement (RA) / Complying Written Arrangement (CWA)
    • Service SCCB -> Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS)
    • AMEP/Other -> Arrangement with Organisation (OA)
  • Unlike CCMS, a Registered Arrangment cannot be ‘formalised’ into Complying Written Arrangment. However a CWA can be created without CRNs and then have them added later.
  • If a family starts out on an RA then that enrolment must be ended and a new CWA put in place in order to start receiving subsidy. Attendances submitted under the RA will never recieve subsidy.

During migration we automatically converted all Formal and Informal enrolments into CWA enrolments as this gives you and your parents the greatest flexibility.

If you have any AMEP / Other or Service SCCB enrolments active in CCMS and continuing past June you will need to clone these into your ‘Z’ service and submit them.

When you create new enrolments from now on you will need to pick the enrolment type. Make sure you pick an enrolment type that is relevant for your service as both CCMS and CCS types are still currently visible.

Enrolment List

You will notice that during migration we have created all informals as ‘formalisable informals’ (ie CWAs).

Enrolment Status

You will see a number of new enrolment status values:

  • RECEIV : The enrolment has been received by CCS. Generally this where informals will sit.
  • PENDEL : Waiting on parent to confirm the enrolment in myGov.
  • DISPUT : Parent has disputed the enrolment. Contact the parent to discuss. Enrolment may be updated by the centre or confirmed by the parent.
  • REJECT : Parent has rejected the enrolment. Contact the parent to discuss. new enrolment will have to be submitted.
  • CONFIR : checks are complete and all ok. Shows in enrolment list as ‘Active’

Updating ‘Disputed’ Enrolments

If a parent disputes an enrolment and after discussion is ok with it you will need to submit an update to DSS with any changes or even if there are no changes. Click ‘Edit , make changes if needed and then click ‘Save’. The parent needs to confirm the update.

Parent Confirmation of Enrolments

Parent confirmation of the enrolment through mgov is essential to receive benefits.

Excerpt from Dept fact sheet.

Parent Confirmation

Download Enrolment Details

The CSV download now includes CCS eligibility details :
- Percentage - Hours - Apportioned Hours - ACCS Hourly Rate Cap Increase Percentage - Annual Cap Reached - Absence Count - Withholding Percentage

Download CSV


  • All OSHC enrolments (BSC , ASC , VAC) will be combined under a single service. If for example a child attends BSC & ASC those will be 2 sessions under the one enrolment.
  • Enrolments will be deemed exited after 8 weeks without attendance so for VAC only children you will need a new enrolment every VAC period.

Subsidy payments

  • Families must confirm their enrolment details with MyGov before they can receive any subsidy payments, they can also dispute enrolment and attendances which may delay subsidy payments.
  • Centres are strongly advised not to assume a parent will receive any subsidy until the payments arrive.
  • Parents’ balance are updated with the full attendance charge, once the attendances are submitted, and credited with the CC subsidy on the date that is received.

Online applications

  • Centres are required to provide parent’s with a confirmation of what they have signed up to from a fees perspective, referred to as a ‘Complying Written Agreement’, which may be provided digitally.
  • The SmartCentral online application process will email the parent a link to download their CWA and confirm their enrolment once a staff member has approved the application. For centres using integrated direct debit the parent will be prompted to confirm their payment method at that time.

View the prototype notice here

Excerpt from Department’s Fact Sheet on CWAs

CWA requirements

See the full Fact Sheet here.


A new Statement Type has been added so there are now 3.

  • CCS - formatted for CCS requirements, changes described below
  • CCMS - this the previous ‘Approved’ format
  • NON APPROVED - unchanged

In view of the fact that Subsidy payments may come in at any time (if at all) those payments will be treated like any other payment (eg parent payments) and show on the parent’s statement as a separate credit line item.

Attendance charges (full amount) for all enrolment types will be applied to the parent’s account as soon as the attendances are submitted.

The page orientation is changed to portrait mode to minimise page counts for the new layout.


  • Changes to bookings constitute a variation of the original agreement and must therefore be submitted to the department. Submit the booking change by doing an enrolment update after the booking change.
  • Parent’s will be advised through myGov if a change to their booking has been made and the fees associated with the updated booking.

Sign In / Sign Out

  • Reporting of Sign In / Sign Out times are already optional and will become mandatory from 14th January 2019.
  • We strongly recommend all centres start using either our pin based or our fingerprint based digital attendance solution well before that date.

Software Activation

  • As part of your transition process each service will have had to activate their ‘software device’ through PRODA. Some of you will have had to do this more than once because their activation key expired.

  • Unfortunately all activations expire within 6 months and a new activation code must be generated each time.