Previously we had a convention that CCS payments related to a session report (attendance) prior to the migration date will be ignored for new clients migrated from other software provider. Although this was a good approach to address certain migration issues but overall it causes some other issues. One of them is that a recently posted payment related to pre-migration attendances won’t make to the smartcentral system.

We dropped such constraint later on, for new clients, but there were still a few existing services with the rule attached. Here is list:

(resp['serviceID'] == '190010591X' || resp['serviceID'] == '190010593L') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2018-08-19'

resp['serviceID'] == '190013580B' && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2018-09-30' 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190015127A' || resp['serviceID'] == '190010749V') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2018-10-14' 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190013020X') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2018-10-23' 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190012388L') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2018-11-04' 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190009487T') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2018-12-09' # Thomastown 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190015312V') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2018-12-09' # Como 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190017202A') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2019-01-07' # Leopold 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190012621V') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2019-01-20' # Larrakeyah 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190017745J') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2019-03-10' # Do Re Mee 

(resp['serviceID'] == '190018104X') && item_hash['sessionReportStartDate'] < '2019-03-10' # Kellyville R  

It basically reads if the service ID is X, ignore any payments related to session report starting prior to that migration Date. However this behaviour ceased to exist on the 27th June, 2019.

On the 27th June 2019, these service specific constraints have been removed too. Hence the current behaviour became:

Any CCS payment posted after the 5th June 2019, will be saved into smartcentral system regardless

Vary/Sumbit/Cancel the attendances prior to the migration date

Generally speaking, these operations should be performed in their original software (if possible), or in the PEP (if working). This is because although CCS payment are transnational and it is safe record newly posted payments; change attendances prior to the migration date would mean that the original migration balance is no longer valid.

Example scenario:

  • Migration date being 2019-03-10, with balance $0
  • To vary attendance starting 2019-02-25’s total from $400 to $300, on 2019-06-30.
  1. Centre should go to PEP to make the variation.
  2. Centre go to smartcentral and record a balance adjustment payment of $100, dated 2019-06-30.
  3. Smartcentral system will pick up future dated CCS payments which includes the subsidy adjustment.