The federal government made major changes to child care benefits from July 2018 as part of its Jobs for Families program.

If you haven’t received your letter by the 30th of April it is time to chase up and contact the CCMS help desk.

The software activation process has changed but we have included them here.

If you cant access your PRODA account to complete the activation the contact details for the help desk are :

Phone: 1300 667 276


You will need your CCS Provider ID to complete this process. The Provider ID consists of 9 digits and a single uppercase letter (eg 190001234A).

It is displayed on the ‘submission successful’ page of the CCS online transition process and can also be found in your CCS letter of approval.

If you call the CCMS helpdesk you will need to specify that you want the CCS Provider ID as your CCMS Provider ID won’t work.


Once you have your activation information you need to enter that into SmartCentral. Make sure the CCS Person Id you enter in our form is the one that was used to complete the transition tasks.

SmartCentral CCS Software Activation

Enter your activation information in SmartCentral here

You may find it easier to have this form open as you go through the above process so you can enter each piece of information as you go.


To confirm the activation process has linked up in PRODA just log back into PRODA and go to Organisations. You should see that your ‘device’ is now Active. This may take a few minutes after you register in SmartCentral.

SmartCentral CCS Software Activation

Update Activation Details

You need to update your activation details if:

  • you made an error entering it the first time, or
  • it has expired and to need to refresh the activation code

Every 6 months the PRODA key you created for SmartCentral will expire and you will need to renew it. When the time gets close you will receive a warning that it is due to expire.

NOTE: We have seen some issued with updating the key of an exiting device so we recommend you just create a new device name (eg put a number on the end of your existing device name).

You will need to get the original person who registered in PRODA to log in, go to Organisations in the main screen, not in PEP (Provider Entry Point)


Then click on the blue hyperlink of the company name, scroll down to B2B devices and register a new B2B device.


It doesn’t matter what you enter as your device name, usually a shortened version of your service name or maybe just put 02 etc on the end of the last name :) ..

Enter your new registration information into SmartCentral here.

The key points to getting it right are;

When you activate a new device, copy & paste the 3 bits of info (code, name, & Org ID) into SmartCentral to avoid any typos.

Do not use your Person ID in the PRODA screen, you need to use your person ID in the Provider Entry Point, it’s in the top right corner of the purple screen under your name. They usually start with a 015…. or 020….

Then you can submit to CCS again.

You must enter the new activation code into SmartCentral within a few days of it being created. Unless it is used it will expire. The expiration date wil be shown when it is created.

If your activation code expires before you can use it you will need to generate a new activation code by logging in to PRODA again. This needs to be done by the original person who registered for PRODA.

CCS Activation Shortcuts