This page contains information and links to key resources for families about the Child Care Subsidy

Frequently asked questions

  • My CCS percentage is ok, why am I not receiving any rebate ?

    There are two main reasons and you need to check both:

    • Have you confirmed your enrolment details? No benefit will be paid until those details are confirmed.

    • What are your allocated hours per fortnight? If this is zero none of your hours will receive the subsidy.

  • My CCS payments go up and down from week to week, why?

    CCS is based on ‘allocated hours per fortnight’ and the Department has not made any provision to split the hours evenly between week 1 and week 2 of the fortnight.

    So in the calculation the department will ‘use up’ as many available hours in week 1 and then in week two use what is left.

    If your hours of care per fortnight is greater than you allocated hours this will produce a higher subsidy in week 1 and a lower subsidy in week 2.