Transition Payments

The special transition payments are shown on the covid tab and are not included in the myob extract.

Stage 3 Lockdowns and waiving the parent GAP in full or partially.

Waived Parent GAP in full - using auto Exempt

If you have waived some families GAP in full, using the auto exempt button on the Weekly attendances screen, then overnight the weekly full charge will be removed from the relevant parent’s transaction TAB, however the charge will appear in the income related reports, as they did during the free childcare time.

Likewise the CCS payment will not appear on the relevant Parent’s transaction TAB, however it will appear on the relevant attendance and any relevant remittance and payment reports.

MYOB extract: In the trial balance screen select include / exclude during the export process

If you select ‘exclude’ then exempted attendances only, will be excluded.

This is only relevant to attendances that have been exempted all other attendances will be treated as normal.

Partially Waived Parent GAP - using a negative Misc Fee

If you have waived a portion of some families GAP, via a negative Manual Miscellaneous Charge on the Parent’s transaction TAB, then the weekly full charge will remain on the parent’s transaction TAB, and appear in the income related reports.

The CCS payment will appear on the Parent’s trasaction TAB, the relevant attendance, and remittance and payment reports.

The MYOB extract will include both the GAP portion of income and will include the the negative charge equating to refunding the portion of Parent GAP you waived. These two will zero out each other but you may want to manually move these amounts to a different account.

Prior to the next MYOB extract you will need to map the waived GAP Misc Fee to a MYOB account.

Manual MYOB adjustments will have to be made for any waived income, should you wish to exclude it. If you have used a special COVID Misc Fee to waive the GAP manually, you will be able to run the Misc Fee report (Extracts -> Report -> Misc Charges Report) to determine the amount to manually adjust in MYOB.

Free ChildCare Period 6/4/2020 to 12/7/2020

The following applies if you are a service who has waived parent fees during the COVID period 6/4/2020 to 28/6/2020, and received COVID CCS (& other) payments. COVID payments originate with teh department of Education, transferred via the existing payment interface (CCS -> SC) and are found in the SC COVID TAB.

If you do not receive the COVID payments and are charging parents in full (eg some non approved services do not qualify for government assistance, then run MYOB extract as normal and ignore this help link).

And if you are unsure, ask in our support chat for help and someone will call you, to run through it.

MYOB Extract

For those offering free childcare run the MYOB extract as per usual.

However, post importing to MYOB, you will need to make an adjustment for income (weekly Fee total amt) as parent fees will have been waived. And make a positive adjustment for COVID payments in the date range exported.

Note: COVID payments started 6/4 and are found in the Services -> COVID 19 TAB.

Mar 23rd to 5th Apr 2020, waiving fees was optional.

If you waived fees for this period or part of it, you will need to adjust the income for this period too, but CCS paid in this date range will be correct and found in the payment reports as per normal.

CCS payments for weeks ending 29/3/2020 & 5/4/2020 will be found in the relevant CCS extract.

We encourage you to back up MYOB before importing the file, that way if you make a mistake in the adjustments you can back out, reimport the extract and remake the adjustments.

MYOB Charges Include/Exclude

An option to remove any waived Parent GAP 23/3 to 5/4, or the exempt fees from the MYOB extract (6/4 to 28/6), before being imported, is in production.

You will see a drop down box next to the date range selection, and you can select to include or exclude charges for that date range. It defaults to include because post 28/6 that is what you will want to do, so you will need to select exclude.

Note: COVID CCS payments though will still have to be imported manually.

Other Accounting Packages 6/4 - 12/7

For those offering free childcare do not import the income reported (weekly Fee total amt) for this period 6/4 to 28/6, as parent fees will have been waived. Import the COVID CCS payments made in the date range. Note: COVID payments started 6/4.

Mar 23rd to 5th Apr, waiving fees was optional. If you waived fees for this period or part of it, do not import the income reported (weekly Fee total amt) for this period either, but CCS paid in this date range will be correct and in the payment reports.