The COVID TAB, on your Service’s Main screen, holds all the COVID 19 CCS payments. These payments started Apr 6th 2020 and will continue (if eligible) until June 28 2020. They are not being reported in any of SmartCentral’s payment reports or MYOB extract. You will need to add these amounts to your accounting package.

COVID 19 - MYOB Adjustments (& other accounting packages) required

CCS Payments made:

  • Wk 1 wasn’t rounded.
  • Wk 2: Rounding started and if eligible you would have received a double payment. The double payment was for wk 2, plus the week ending June 28th, paid in advance.
  • wk 3: Is your regular payment (unless you have received a larger than expected sum early May 2020 - see below)

Larger than expected COVID CCS Payments

Around about the 6th May 2020 some services received a larger than expected CCS payment. In some cases the amount was more than 4 times their regular amount. Then 8th May 2020 a smaller, but still larger than regular CCS payment, was received.

We have asked CCS for some information regarding these payments. And the following was their reply.

Job keeper is not paid through CCS and therefore these sums are not job keeper payments.

Following the Government’s decision to expand the Exceptional Circumstance Supplementary Payment, to support early childhood education and care services that are not eligible for the JobKeeper Payment, services associated with non-government schools have now received a separate payment to cover the period from 6 April.

Going forward, these payments will be included with the regular weekly supplementary payment.

If you have a service associated with a non-government school, that is not eligible for JobKeeper and you have not received an Exceptional Circumstance Supplementary Payment, you should contact the department.

All services that are receiving supplementary payments must tell the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and if:

  • the service closes;
  • the service experience a decline in attendance or hours of care provided; or
  • the service’s income increases (including if you receive any government financial assistance)

Services can keep the department informed by emailing: Include your service name and service CRN in the email subject header.

Bottom line: if a Service is concerned about the amount they have received (lower/higher than expected) they should contact the Education CCS Helpdesk.