Digital Complying Written Arrangements


Under the Child Care Subsidy rules an arrangement for care must be agreed between the Service and the ‘Individual’ for each enrolment. In SmartCentral the ‘Individual’ is the person designated as Parent1.

The rules allow that arrangement to be in paper or digital form and specifies the information that must be included in that arrangement.

To be considered a Complying Written Arrangement or CWA (the only type for which a parent can receive subsidy) it must contain the following information :

  • the names and contact details of the provider and the individual(s)
  • the date that the arrangement starts (Enrolment Start date)
  • the name and date of birth of the child (or children)
  • if care will be provided on a routine basis, and if so:
  • details about the days on which sessions of care will usually be provided,
  • the usual start and end times for these sessions of care
  • whether care may be provided on a casual or flexible basis (in addition to, or instead of, a routine basis)
  • details of fees to be charged under the arrangement (this can be by reference to a fee schedule or information available on the provider’s website maintained by the provider), that the parties understand may vary from time to time.

Additional information can be included to support the individual’s understanding of their payment obligations.

Almost all enrolment forms would have included this information as a matter of course so the requirement is really just formalising good practice, possibly requiring some small wording changes to make explicit that the parent is ‘liable for the full amount’ not just the ‘gap’.

To streamline this process we have added functions to digitally generate a Complying Written Arrangement with the option to download and print a PDF for signing or email it to the parent with an acknowledgement link.

This process is also built into the online application approval process. In both cases the latest booking is used generate the notice so it can be used to confirm updates as well.

Sample CWA notice

Sample Digital CWA

CWA Notice Setup

The text in the second row of the table is configurable. Edit this in Account > Setup Org.

We highly recommend you include your own wording and a reference or link to your parent handbook. Or you can copy the wording from below the picture

Configure Notice Message

The following wording has been used in the example above. You can copy and paste the following as your wording or write your own.

Please review the information displayed in this notice and contact centre admin if you have any concerns.

If a Child Care Subsidy is paid directly to you or the subsidy is delayed or refused you are liable for the full amount due.

Add ** either side of any words/sentence you want to be BOLD. Delete the apostrophe in “It’s” (if you copy from above) and retype it.

Links can be inserted using the Markdown format. For example :

[my page](
displays as

my page

Enrolment list Notice Status

The status of the notices are tracked from the Enrolments list. A new filter has been added to allow you to manage notices and an operation to generate and send in bulk has been added.

Select your filter settings as needed and click Update & Email CWA to regenerate and resend CWA notices to all enrolments on the currently filtered list.

Enrolment List

Status Values:

  • blank / null : no notice has been created
  • Created : A notice was created but not sent as there was no email address
  • Sent : A notice was created and sent but hasn’t been acknowledged
  • Ack : A notice was created and sent and has been acknowledged

Enrolment Screen Notice Information

A new section has been added to the enrolment screen as well so you can keep track of the notice status while on the enrolment screen.

CWA Section

From here you can : - Generate and send CWA notices - view the last notice generated - download a PDF version of the notice - view when it was last generated - view the date and time it was emailed to the parent (if sent) - view the date and time it was acknowledged by the parent (if they did)

Online Applications

For all CCS approved services a CWA notice will automatically be generated and sent once the application is approved.

Effect on CCS Payments

The status of your digital CWA notices does not directly impact CCS payments. However you must be aware that by submitting a claim for CCS to the department you are guarenteeing you have a signed agreement with the parent that complies with the government’s requirements. You can be audited on this.