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Who can sign a child In/out?

Parent 1 and 2 are authorised to drop off and collect their child. Anyone who the parent gives “authorised to collect” = Yes, are also able to drop off and pick up the child.

Once on the system, PINS are auto allocated to Parent 1 (via the Portal) to give to Parent 2 and anyone authorised to collect their child. Click on each child’s enrolment to see your PINs.

You only need to provide PINS to authorised contacts if the service does not do Contactless Sign In/Out

Should your Service enable Contactless Sign In/Out, then along with having Authorised to collect = ‘YES” you also need to supply an email address that is unique, per Parent and Contact. The email address cannot be the parents’ email addresses for authorised contacts, it must be unique, as it is used by the contact to login to Smart Central’s Parent/Carer portal.

Each login (email address) has their own unique portal, so parent 2 and authorised contacts will not be able to see balance, statement, application details if their email address is unique.

Gmail emails can be created for free, if a contact does not have an email address.

Court Orders

Should you have a court order that prevents one parent from collecting your child, however the service needs their details on the system, then the Service can manually leave Parent 2 blank, and manually add parent 2 under authorisations, making sure “authorised to collect” is “NO”.

If parent 2 and Authorisations are auto updated from an online application for your child, when filling in the application, you need to make sure you leave parent 2 blank, and add parent 2 under authorisations, making sure you select “NO” for authorised to collect.

If court orders were provided in the online application, and you didnt setup your application as above for Parent 2, then call the service to discuss. Alternatively check under enrolments - they shouldn’t be displayed as a contact with a PIN number. Call the service to change this if they are.

What is a Centre Code ?

The centre code is a 6 digit code generated automatically each day for the centre and displayed on the centre’s sign in device. The code can be displayed as a string of digits the parent types in at sign in or as a Quick Response (QR) code that parents scan from their phone.

With the QR code the 6 digit code is automatically entered behind the scenes reducing mistakes and parent’s time at sign in/out.

What is Contactless Sign In ?

Contactless Sign In/out allows parents (and designated authorised contacts) to sign in digitally without having to touch the centre’s sign in device (iPad), by signing in on their personal phone with a QR code or a centre code displayed on the iPad.

One of the main benefits of using Contactless Sign is to reduce the number of touches (on a screen) at sign in.

Services can print off a 6 digit code or QR code and put it on the door, thereby reducing the number of people onsite. More than one code can be printed off and spaced 1.5 metres apart to reduce further contact with other parents in rush hour.

Services can get parents to signIn at the door, then the child only enters the Service.

Parent/Carer Portal Login

You will have received an invite to the portal when your email address was entered into the system, either manually by the service or by approving your child’s application. Parent 1 received a notification that you were authorised now to collect their child using the contactless method.

If Parent 1 or 2, or an authorised person who has authority to collect in the system and an email address is also in the system, then you will have received this email.

If you haven’t received it, please check your spam for emails from and make that email address a contact. All emails from the system come from that email address.

The link to login is here To Change your password click here

QR readers

If you have one of the latest devices your camera will pick up a QR code. If your camera does not pick up the QR code, then you can go to your app store and download a free QR reader. No doubt you already use one to access stores and hospitality areas.

Steps to use the QR code

1) On the device you are using for sign in/out login to the parent / contact portal.

2) Open your camera (latest devices) or your QR code reader (older devices)

3) Make sure the QR code is in focus on your device and it will automatically take you to a link.

4) Click on the link and it will take you to the correct sign in/out spot on your parent/contact portal if your child is booked in to attend the service that day.

At SignIn, you may be asked to do more than just sign in your child. This differs from service to service and is dependent on the sign in questions your service has setup.

5) If your child is not booked to attend today, then your child will be displayed with “no sessions” underneath or beside them.


Note: Screenshots are taken from the tester’s devices. Devices that differ in make or model the screen may be displayed slightly differently, however the information will be the same.


The codes are renewed daily.

If the parent/authorised contact is asked for a 6 digit code, when using the QR code, the QR code has either timed out, been renewed or the Parent wasn’t signed into the portal on the device they used for scanning the QR code.

For further information when troubleshooting go here.

What can “Authorised to Collect” contacts see ?

Authorised Collect contacts now automatically get (limited access) Portal Accounts created. A contact’s account only has access to sign in / out the child they are authorised to, they don’t have access to other information like balances, statements or bookings.

It is possible for someone to be both Parent 1 for 1 child and an authorised contact for another. If that’s the case both records will be available for sign in but they will only see the other account information for the child they are the Parent of.