This has been turned on by default for all centres from 5th April 2020.

To reduce the number of touches at sign in / out SmartCentral has introduced contactless sign in.

This will allow parents to log in/out, via their own phone, but with added security to ensure it is done in centre. (ie. it won’t work if you are in your car, in the carpark.)

If your centre has this function turned on the process is very simple :

The digital sign in screen displays a unique sign in code that changes daily.

Parent logs into SmartCentral through their parent portal account on their phone:

  • The parent will be able to select the child to sign in.
  • They then must confirm who is signing in first, before
  • entering the code and
  • clicking submit


Signing out follows the same process.

Parents can sign in/out from their phones, at the same time as other parents or staff.

Disabling Contactless Sign In

Go to account -> Setup Org -> Scroll down to the Digital Attendance section. Tick the box to disable the function.

Other Contacts

We normally DON’T recomend sharing logins but these are exceptional times.

If you are another /parent carer:

  • get parent 1’s email and password for the smartcentral portal
  • sign in to smartcentral , you probably only ever need to do this once as your phone will remember it
  • each time you need to sign in or out of the centre
    • stand in front of the centre sign in screen
    • read the code for the day
    • open smartcentral on your phone
    • tap on the child’s name in the sign in section
    • select your name from the list of contacts
    • enter the magic code and click ‘Sign In’.