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What is Contactless Sign In ?

Contactless Sign In allows parents (and designated authorised contacts) to sign in digitally without having to touch the centre’s sign in device (iPad), by signing in on their personal phone with a QR code or a centre code displayed on the iPad.

One of the main benefits of using Contactless Sign is to reduce the number of touches at sign in.

Other Benefits: Contactless SignIn also reduces the need for multiple sign in devices, to prevent queueing. Contactless also means you don’t need to use your iPads/Tablets for “sign in/out” only, as the “public” (parents/visitors) no longer need to use them, therefore reducing your device costs and increasing your security of parent/child data.

You can switch ‘Contactless’ on or off in the ‘Account’ > ‘Setup Org’ screen. The setting is called ‘Disable Contactless Sign In’. Tick this box and save to disable. Untick and save to switch back on.

On this Screen, you can also disable the Staff QR Code if required, and choose whether you display the QR code only, the 6 digit code only or both codes on the Kiosk.

The codes are renewed daily. You can print the Daily QR Code (or 6 Digit code) and put it on the door, thereby further reducing the need to touch the iPad should it “sleep” in between parents.

If Contactless is turned on, then parents will receive an email notification when an ‘authorised to collect’ contact (with an email address) is added to the child’s record, as will the contact.

What is a Centre Code ?

The centre code is a 6 digit code generated automatically each day for the centre and displayed on the centre’s sign in device. The code can be displayed as a string of digits the parent types in at sign in or as a Quick Response (QR) code that parents scan from their phone. With the QR code the 6 digit code is automatically entered behind the scenes reducing mistakes and parent’s time at sign in/out.

You can configure the system to display either or both codes.

Using the QR code also has the benefit that when scanned on the phone it automatically opens up the parent portal at the correct point to sign the child in. Parents must already be signed into the Portal, for the QR code to take them to the correct place for sign in/out.

If the parent is asked for a 6 digit code, when using the QR code, the QR code has either timed out, been renewed or the Parent wasn’t signed into the portal on the device they used for scanning the QR code.

Who can sign a child in or out?

Whether using Contactless sign in or standard Digital Sign in the rules are the same. A person can sign a child in or out if they are listed as Parent1 or Parent2 or they are a nominated contact set to ‘Authorised to Collect’.

To be able to use Contactless Sign in however, the person must also have an email address recorded in SmartCentral to access the parent portal.

What can Authorised to Collect contacts see ?

Authorised Collect contacts now automatically get (limited access) Portal Accounts created. A contact’s account only has access to sign in / out the child they are authorised to, they don’t have access to other information like balances, statements or bookings.

It is possible for someone to be both Parent 1 for 1 child and an authorised contact for another. If that’s the case both records will be available for sign in but they will only see the other account information for the child they are the Parent of.