Bookings in SmartCentral describe in short hand when a child is expected to attend. They also set the default room code and session code (fee) for the child’s attendance. Once you have created a booking for an enrolment SmartCentral will automatically add the child to each daily roll when needed for that booking.

You create and edit bookings via the bookings tab within the enrolment screen or you can access the bookings for an enrolment directly from the enrolment list. Either way brings you to the bookings screen for an enrolment. SmartCentral’s booking system allows you create bookings for recurring weekly or fortnightly attendances and also single days. You can mix and match these bookings as often as needed.

To define a booking requires 5 pieces of information:

  1. Session - The session code selected tells the system the fee to apply for the attendance and the expected start and end time.

  2. Room -
  3. Start Date
  4. End Date (may stay blank)
  5. Booking Style ( Weekly / Days) - The booking style defines whether this particular booking follows a repeating pattern (‘Weekly’ style) or is applies as a ‘one off’ (‘Days’ style).
  6. Weekly Bookings - If a child attends regularly on the same days each week this will be the booking style to use. Set the style to ‘Weekly’ and tick which days the child will attend.
1. Casual / One-off Bookings -