SmartCentral has introduced a module specifically to make it easier to manage online applications for Vacation Programs. Whereas Long Day Care , Preschool and Before and After School care are oriented around recurring or casual bookings, Vacation Care has its own unique requirements.

A list of activities is published (usually well in advance) Parents may pick and choose from the activities based on the child’s interests Different activities may have different requirements and different fee structures The whole program can go from empty to full in a relatively short period

The biggest impact to the online application process is the way in which the booking is set up and selected.

  1. Set up the fee schedule
  2. Create the program
  3. Set up the activities within the program
  4. Allocate activities to the fee schedule

To Create the program: Select Services, then Program, then Add: * Fill in the relevant fields and hit save. *

Adding a VAC program

To create an activity: Go to the relevant Program, then click on the activity number under the Activities column: - Click Add to add an activity - Or click on the activity to update or close it