Smart Central’s default enrolment form covers all the basics of parent and child details, authorised contacts, medical conditions etc but also provides a mechanism to allow you to add your own specific questions to the enrolment form and child profile screens.

Setting Up

As an organisation administrator you can add your own custom questions from Account > Setup Org > Questions.

From here you can Add questions , Preview how they will look in the application form and Publish the updates once you are satisfied with them.

NOTE : Changes are not saved until you Publish them. If you refresh or move away from the screen without hitting Publish those changes will not be saved.

For each question added there are a number of settings :

  1. Question Type - choose the response you want
  2. Visibility
  3. Required
  4. Key
  5. Label To Display
  6. Description
  7. Order

Add a new custom question

Question Types

The Smart Central custom question system allows you to create questions of 3 types, choose how you want them responded to as below:

  1. Text - a simple text box
  2. List - create a pick list with one or more options to choose from , if this type is selected you must also supply the Options Hot Tip - If you only want them to give you one answer, only provide one option, eg. ‘I agree’
  3. Yes / No - choose between yes or no

Add list options


This controls where the question will be displayed

  1. Everywhere - the question will show in waitlist forms, enrolment forms and child details forms
  2. Staff Only - the question will be visible on the child details screen but not in the enrolment or waitlist forms
  3. Except Waitlist - the question will be hidden on the waitlist form but visible in the enrolment and child details forms


This controls if the question is mandatory for the parent. Waitlist and enrolment forms cannot be submitted until all Required questions are completed.


Internal programatic identifier. This is for internal use only and not visible to parents or staff. Keep the key short and use only normal alphanumeric characters ie do not use punctuation characters in the key.

Label to Display

The Question name displayed on the form.


The question description displayed on the form. Can be left blank, usually used to provide guidance to the parent or staff member answering the question.


The display order on the form. Can be left blank in which case the questions will be displayed in the order they are created.