Enabling a QR Code Reader on your mobile

In some phones you have to turn the option on (to scan a QR code)

“If your iPhone won’t scan a QR code, here are a few possible reasons why:

  • Your Apple device isn’t running iOS 11 or later.
  • If your device is unable to run iOS 11 or later, you can download a third-party app to scan QR codes. You can also update your iOS version.”

“If your Samsung Galaxy won’t scan a QR code, you can switch on QR the code reader by :

  • going to settings > app settings > camera
  • switch on QR codes
  • If your device is unable to switch on QR code reader, you can download a third-party app to scan QR codes.

If You Can’t See the Sign In/Out Childrens section

Parent 1: Some parents are telling staff “I log in, I choose my child’s name and then it takes them to the page that has all our PIN numbers

If Parent 1 is taken to the page of PINs, after selecting your child’s name, then you selected your child’s name from the enrolment section. There should be a “Sign In/Out Children” section above enrolments on the main home page.

If you cannot see the “Sign In / Out Children section”;

  • Is Contactless is disabled (Accounts -> Setup Org)? If a centre has disabled contactless the option will not be avaialbe.
  • Is the child on the roll for today ? Children only appear for sign in if they are on the roll that day.
  • Is the person authorised to collect the children ? Only nominated contacts will see the child.
  • Is the device up to date ? If the software on your phone is out of date it may prevent contacless from working.
  • Is your phone signal is strong ? You need an active connection to the internet to be able to sing in / out.

Can’t enter the Sign In/Out code

If you have selected the child, and you are trying to enter today’s code and are not able to, check you have first ticked “Confirm” and entered any other data requested.

What Email address are you using to login?

Ask the service to check that the email address Parents/carers are logging into the portal with, are the same as those stored in the relevant email fields in SmartCentral (linked to the child).

If a Parent 1 email address is changed you need to select “create user account” to link the new email to the child.

If Parent 2 or an authorised contact is changed, they should automatically receive an invite to the portal with the new email address, provided Contactless is not disabled in Accounts -> Setup Org.

Previous email addresses used, will still be retained, but will no longer show the “Contactless Sign In/Out Children” section.

Further Support

if both staff & parents have checked all of the above and still can’t see the Sign In/out Children’s section on the parent/carer’s device, please provide;

  • screenshots of what you do see
  • your device make & model
  • your login email address