The process for a parent to register online for direct debit follows a few simple steps:

You will receive an email automatically generated by the system with their personalised link. The message in the email may be customised for each service but will look similar to this tailroed with your centre’s name, logo and contact details.

DD Registration Email Template

  • STEP 1 : Click the link in the email. This will direct you initially to SmartCentral to verify the link is valid and fetch your most up to date details. A re-direction message is displayed and you are sent on to the CEP web site to start the payment capture process.

DD Redirection Screen

  • STEP 2 : Enter your Title (SmartCentral doesn’t record it) and click Next.

    Page 1 is pre-filled and you are skipped directly into Page 2. Most of this page will be pre-filled with your childcare service details , name, address and contact details as recorded in SmartCentral.

    Note: the system automatically generates a secure, randomised Family Ref. Do not change this.

CEP General Details

  • STEP 3 : On the Payment Details page (page 3 of 5) select the payment option Batch Pay. Choose your preferred payment confirmation method SMS / EMAIL / NONE . Note: selecting SMS for messages may attract additional charges. Click Next.

CEP Payment Details

  • STEP 4 : On the Payment Method page (page 4 of 5) choose whether to pay by Bank Account or Credit / Debit Card and enter the relevant details. In the case of card based payments click Continue to validate the card details. Correct if needed. Click Next.


  • STEP 5 : The system will process the registration and display a confirmation message on completion. At this point you have completed registration at CEP. The registration will automatically be notified to SmartCentral within a few minutes at which point it will be activated.