For any parents that want to claim CCS for the 2021 - 2022 financial year that don’t have an ‘Active’ enrolment, now is the time to chase them.

‘RECEIV’ means you are missing either one or both CRN numbers. Enter the CRN’s into SmartCentral, then send that new information up to CCS by going to the enrolment & pressing Edit/Save. That should then turn that enrolment into ‘PENDIN’.

‘PENDIN’ means the parent simply hasn’t logged into MyGov & confirmed their enrolment. As soon as they do, CCS will be back paid in the software, no need to resubmit prior attendances.

‘PENDEL’ is a bit trickier. It can mean one of three things;
a. The parent has never applied for CCS.
b. The parent has applied and is just waiting for C/Link to process it.
c. The parent has provided you with the incorrect (non claiming) parent details.
If this is the case, contact the support team for assistance, you cannot just overtype the correct details into an already submitted enrolment. Centrelink are like elephants & never forget.


As you know, CCS cut off any submissions in the prior financial year about 4 weeks after the new fiscal year commences. So it is imperative you get all of your attendances submitted before the cutoff date.
You can always apply to have a prior period unlocked, but that will involve a lot of paperwork & long wait times, so best to get them in on time folks.
The CCS 2022 - 2023 financial year will commence 11th July 2022.
So any non-submitted sessions (attendances) will show on your Att Summary Report.

We show this report on your main Services page & we recommend you check it weekly.
Hopefully, it will only show you your current weekly attendances that are not yet submitted (NYS).
Work your way through any NYS, editing, failed to submit or failed to cancel if there are any. Please be aware that any non submitted attendances are also not billed to the parent, so submitting these will change parent balances.
Please contact the support team if you are unsure of anything.

NB. If you migrated from another software in the last financial year, please don’t submit anything prior to your migration date. Check in with support if you are unsure of anything.

Tips for parents

a. Income tax returns - parents must submit their tax returns to the ATO, or advise C/Link they do not need to submit a tax return. If parents do not submit their 2019 - 2020 return (year before last) their CCS payments will cease & they will be charged full fees.

b. Balancing - Once a parent/s submits their tax, CCS will check against their estimated income for the period and ‘balance’ any CCS that has been under or over paid taking into account the 5% withholding. If they were underpaid CCS, they should receive a direct payment from C/Link. If they were overpaid CCS, they will receive reduced CCS payments until the debt has been repaid. You as a service will not be informed of this (nor are we), the parent will have received correspondence from C/Link directly. But if you do notice a parents CCS has dropped when their percentage & hours haven’t changed, this is the likely reason. If you charge in advance, the projected estimates will be out, as we project based on entitlements and will have no knowledge of the ‘balancing’ debt. If you are unsure, please contact our support team, they will take a look and advise you.

Click here to watch “Balancing CCS” video

c. Additional child/ren CCS percentage - In March, parents with more than one child were given up to 30% extra CCS, capped at 95% for additional children. They did this for any parent with an ‘Active’ enrolment, even if the eldest wasn’t actually attending care. Please assure your parents this will not be clawed back. As of July 2022, the additional child percentage will only be applied against children if the eldest child is actively attending care