This file will help you work out why the enrolment remains at PENDEL. I have seen enrolments take 4-6 weeks to move from PENDEL to PENDIN. The Questions on page 3 (a flow chart) will help you determine what is wrong.

Common issues for enrolments remaining stuck at RECEIVE or PENDEL, are CCS assessment has been done for the sibling, but not this child, incorrect parent/child combination, or incorrect CRN/DOB of either the child or parent.

A common issue is parents filling in a CCS assessment for one child, but not their sibling. So if the sibling has the same parent and is ACTIVE, and this child is PENDEL ask the parent, have you done a CCS assessment for this child, with the emphasis on “this child”.

Ask to see the eligibility letter - it has a lot of information and can be scanned in and loaded onto the child’s documents TAB. The eligibility letter shows when the letter was sent, and when CCS (if eligible) will commence. This helps you know, how far back the CCS once approved will be back paid - which then (in most cases) is given directly to the parent and shows as paid to INDIV on the session subsidy TAB.

The parent/child combination is on the eligibility letter, and this is the parent who should be Parent 1 on the enrolment. This is a common reason why the enrolment may stay at PENDLE.

If the correct parent is on the current enrolment, you can ask for a screen shot of MYGOV - the screen which has the children’s CRN/DOB and the parent’s CRN, you can then double check you have the correct CRN/DOB’s on the child/parent

How to swap to the correct parent

Online Application

The best way to swap parents is to get the correct parent to fill in an online application. When approving select the new parent and th eexisting child. Then you can cleanup the attendances as detailed below


If you have the incorrect parent as Parent 1, you can only change the incorrect parent to the correct parent (on parent 1) if you have not submitted it to CCS with a CRN.

Once you have submitted the enrolment to CCS with a CRN, you cannot change the first/last name and CRN/DOB of Parent 1 to the other parent. This will not work within CCS and you will get an error.

Instead set up a new parent, link the new parent to the existing child, set up the booking, and submit the enrolment.

Delete the booking from the old enrolment, exit the old enrolment

Cleaning up Attendances

Find out from the eligibility letter when CCS started, if eligible, and then ask support to copy all relevant attendances (that would get CCS) from the other parent’s enrolment to this new enrolment.

Then cancel these attendances on the old enrolment, submit them on the new.

If these attendances are in the previous financial year, you will need to fill in a form to allow you to cancel/resubmit these attendances.