Pending Eligibility means: Pending Eligibility, which could mean the CCS assessment is still in progress or the enrolment was submitted before the parent put in their CCS assessment claim, and if that’s the case, then the enrolment notice exists on MYGOV when they are creating their claim.

A few things to check, that will help you work out why the enrolment remains at PENDEL. Some enrolments can take 4-6 weeks to move from PENDEL to PENDIN. However when it starts to be 1 mth or longer the following can be checked.

Common issues for enrolments remaining stuck at RECEIVE or PENDEL:

1) If an enrolment is PENDEL it will never move past PENDEL, unless the parent confirmed the enrolment notice, as the final step of their CCS assessment claim. So these enrolments go straight from PENDEL to CONFIRM and if stuck the parent missed the CONFIRM step of the claim. The parent should be able to still see the enrolment notice on MYGOV and needs to confirm it. At that point the enrolment will move straight to CONFIRM (Active in SC)

If the parent can’t see the enrolment notice they have to go to C/link for a “operator assisted” (manual) confirmation of the enrolment notice.

NOTE: When enrolments are confirmed post attendances being submitted there was a CCS issue of the earlier attendances not being reprocessed. Since Oct 2019, this has been fixed with a job running twice a week to reprocess any attendances that existed prior to confirmation. If after the enrolment is CONFIRM (Active) and CCS is still not back paid to the date on the eligibility letter, first check the Session Subsidy report to make sure the parent (INDIV) hasnt received it. If neither the SERV or INDIV has received the back paid CCS then contact support.

2) CCS assessment has been done for the sibling, but not this child, incorrect parent/child combination, or incorrect CRN/DOB of either the child or parent.

A common issue is parents filling in a CCS assessment for one child, but not their sibling. So if the sibling has the same parent and is ACTIVE, and this child is PENDEL ask the parent, have you done a CCS assessment for this child, with the emphasis on “this”.

Ask to see the eligibility letter - it has a lot of useful information and can be scanned in and loaded onto the child’s documents TAB. Maybe even ask for this as part of your policy as the sooner you can check what is on it, the less work for you to swap to the correct parent (should that be the issue).

The eligibility letter shows when the date the letter was sent, and the date from when CCS (if eligible) will commence.

This helps you know, how far back the CCS once approved will be back paid - see below section on Back Pay - which then (in most cases) is given directly to the parent and shows as paid to INDIV on the session subsidy TAB.

The parent/child combination is on the eligibility letter, and this is the parent who should be Parent 1 on the enrolment. This is a common reason why the enrolment may stay at PENDLE.

If the correct parent is on the current enrolment, you can ask for a screen shot of MYGOV - the screen which has the children’s CRN/DOB and the parent’s CRN, you can then double check you have the correct CRN/DOB’s on the child/parent.

It may be useful to ask for this screenshot of MYGOV when the family give you their CRN/DOB (in the initial application or later), so incorrect CRNs & occassionally even incorrect DOBs, can be eliminated as early as possible.

If the enrolment has the incorrect parent, follow the relevant help links below to swap parents, and transfer any credit created.