We have introduced a small change to the way attendances are processed to cope with the APR - JUN exclusion period.

Attendances for weeks before 5th Apr 2020

These weeks are frozen at CCS until 29th June 2020 so we have frozen them in SmartCentral as well so that SmartCentral remains consistent with the CCS information. After 29th June there will be a period where these attendances can be amended if needed prior to end of year reconciliation.

Attendances for weeks from 6th APR to 28th JUN 2020

CCS will not accept attendance reports for this period and you aren’t allowed to charge a parent gap fee.

For this period we have blocked session fees from the parent accounts. Any balances owing prior to this date are unaffected.

So that attendances can be included in reports (for example if you need evidence to request a supplemental payment) we have provided an alternative method to mark these attendances as submitted or vary them if needed.

These functions are accessed from the Weekly Attendance screen as normal. Buttons appear once at least 1 attendance is selected.

Finalise - mark attendance records as ‘submitted’ and include them into reports

Finalising attendances works pretty much the same as submitting did pre-covid . We renamed it so you wouldn’t think its going direct to ccs as it isn’t. The Parent’s balance is updated with a charge, which will be “swept off” (exempt) overnight. This will then register on statements as a $0 charge for the attendance week.

Unsettle - unmark them as ‘submitted’ , removing them from reports until Finalised again. These will show as “cancelled” and will reverse the charge on the parent’s balance. Again wait overnight for teh reversal to be “swept off” (exempt)

IMPORTANT NOTE - Finalised / unsettled attendances are temporarily applied to the parent’s account, then ‘swept off’ overnight. So dont finalise/unsettle and send statements on the same day. You must wait overnight before running statements or submitting a DD batch for outstanding debts prior to 6/4/2020.

We are working to remove this limitation.