Income Report

This report displays income earned in the period entered in the Period beginning and ending date fields.

The income figures represent actual income earned in the period shown. Income from attendances are considered to be earned at the end of the attendance week since benefits are calculated on the whole week.

The income earned is broken down into type of income - Full fees charged to parents and miscellaneous fees.

Note: The figures DO NOT reflect payments received. GST on miscellaneous fees is not included in this report as GST is not income.

Payment Report

This report shows totals of each payment type within the specific date range selected by you on the Payment Reports Selection screen. Payment type examples include: Direct Debit, SmartFees Online, Cheque, Cash, etc.

Aged Debt Report

This report shows the age of any unpaid amounts sitting on the parent’s balance up to today’s date.

Aged debt is broken down into weekly periods. Payments are assigned against debts on an ‘oldest first’ basis to derive the age of the debt.

Accounting Extract (MYOB)

The Accounting Extract provides a profit and loss summary of the organisations performance over the time period.

This information may then be extracted in a format suitable for direct import into MYOB as General Ledger postings.

More Reports > Misc Charges Report

Displays each parent’s miscellaneous charges in detail. Detailed miscellaneous charges can be used to assist in your GL end of period reconciliation. It can also be used if a query arises regarding a particular charge.

More Reports > Parent Payments Report

Allows you to print a report of all parent payments within a particular date range. Use this report to look at each payment transaction in detail.

More Reports > Utilisation Report

The Utilisation report is designed to be produced weekly to give an actual snapshot of the business performance and whether your service is being used to its full potential.

It allows you to gather data which influences which sessions offered are successful and those which need further analysis.

As it analyses at the session level on a day by day basis and therefore can pick up part weeks, you will see differences in totals compared to other reports that deal in completed weeks unless you choose your periods appropriately.

Reconciling Utilisation and Income Reports

The Income Report is based on the week ending Sunday of attendances submitted that fall within the selected dates (usually the first and last day of the month).

The Utilisation Report is based per calendar day. Its not usually necessary to reconcile the two since they are intended for different purposes.

However if you do wish to reconcile your income against your utilisation you will need to run the utilisation report keeping your week endings in mind.

From Date - will be the last Monday of the previous month unless the month conveniently ends on a Sunday, in which case the from date is the 1st of the month.

To Date - will be the last Sunday of the month

For example July 2017 - Monday 26/06/2017 - Sunday 30/07/2017

August 2017 - Monday 31/07/2017 - Sunday 27/08/2017

Note: IS payments are attributed to the Service rather than a session and aren’t included in the utilisation report.

More Reports > Balance Owing Report

Reports parent balances owing or in credit up to the selected date. This report also displays any non active parents who still owe money, and who may not be included when you produce your statements in bulk.

More Reports > Payments Summary Report

Allows you to print a report of all parent payments within a particular date range.

Filter by one or more payment types to find specific payments for example to conduct a bank reconciliation.

More Reports > Remittance Details Report

List all payment transactions from CCMS within a single remittance for reconciliation pruposes.