Global Search

SmartCentral provides a handy shortcut to access any parent or child’s profile page quickly.

In the top right corner of every page is the search bar. Type in here and hit “ENTER” to launch a search across all parent and children records.

Global Search

You can search on any of the following pieces of information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • CRN
  • Child’s preferred name
  • Parent’s email address

The search will find hits on partial words as well.

For example: * Searching on “Tim” will find “Timothy” * Searching on “Lis” will find “Elisabeth” and Elisa”

Parent List

You can access a list of all your parents (past and present) from the People > Parents menu.

On this list you have a number of sort and filter options to locate the parent you want.

  1. You can search by first name , last name , CRN or email address by typing in the search box.
  2. You can sort any column with the up and down triangle symbols by clicking on the symbol
  3. You can filter any column with the downward caret symbol by clicking and choosing the option you want.

Parents List

Filter Options

Heading Explanation
Gender Male / Female
Email Does this parent have an email address on file (Y/N) ?
Enrolled Is this parent associated with a current enrolment (Y/N) ?
Account Does this parent have a portl account registered (Y/N) ?
DD Is this parent set up for Direct Debit (Y/N) ?

Child List