Occasionally (or perhaps often) you will start an enrolment before the parent has supplied CRN details. In this instance you will initially create the enrolment Informal. At some future point the parent may eventually supply the (correct) CRN details and its time to Formalise the enrolment.

If all other details had been supplied correctly, when the enrolment was first created, this is a simple process.

To complete this task you must be an Authorised User or have *Delegated authority.

  1. Open the enrolment
  2. Click Formalise in DSS
  3. Add the CRN details if needed
  4. Select JFA eligibility details request if the parent has presented a JFA eligibility notice
  5. Select Request Enrolment Advance if you wish to claim an enrolment advance for this enrolment.
    NOTE : Enrolment Advances are being withdrawn from 1st July 2017. You will not be able to claim advances from that date and existing advances will be recovered progressively.
  6. Click Save , the formalisation request will be submitted to CCMS


hat could go wrong ?

The most common errors are Child details not found and Parent Details not found.

Make sure you have a legible copy of the letter from Department to the parent with the details on it to verify against.

The details recorded in SmartCentral and submitted on the enrolment must match exactly what Centrelink has on file.

Another reason for a child details not found error is the parent may have their child’s CRN but may not have registered for that type of Care. Eg. The child may have a formal enrolment for ASC (after school care) but has not registered for VAC (vacation) care.

Particularly important is the parent and child date of birth. If these are wrong you must update the informal enrolment first and then formalise.

If the error is Parent not registered, then the parent on the Informal enrolment, is not the parent registered for that type of care, for that child, at Centrelink. Check the letter for the registered parent and add them or the parent must return to