DESE has announced that services have the option to waive the gap (difference between Fee charged and CCS paid) for children under the following conditions:

  • the service is in an area under Stage 3 or higher lockdowns
  • the child is absent due to covid 19
  • an absence is recorded

Read the (very limited) details of the rules here :

To help you manage this process, SmartCentral has introduced additional options on the attendance screens.

Please note this process is only applicable if the child was absent (or additional absence) for all sessions in that week. Due to CCS’s inconsistent way of reporting CCS payments per session we were only able to implement this ‘all or nothing’ approach. We hope this will at least reduce the associated workload substantially.

This situation is currently only relevant to centres in the Melbourne area and we hope it doesn’t spread but we have opened it up to allow centres to use it if it becomes necessary.

DESE have only given permission to waive the gap if you are in the affected region.

With some power comes some responsibility, don’t use this inappropriately. Its not compulsory.

Weekly Attendance Screen

You can now select 1 or more attendances and choose Charge or * Exempt*.

Charge - removes the exempt previously attached to the attendance Exempt - will waive the parent GAP

The relevant action will be applied to all selected attendances as long as all sessions in that attendance are marked as absence or additional absence.

Attendances that have been exempted are highlighted in yellow. These attendances and related CCS payments will appear on the parent’s transactions and statements as a zero amount.

Attendances can be marked “exempt” before or after the attendance has been submitted.

Weekly Attendance Screen

Individual Attendance Screen

You can also Charge or * Exempt* an individual attendance from the Attendance Screen. The functions work the same way but are only applied to the attendance that’s open.

Weekly Attendance Screen