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IMPORTANT COVID 19 NOTE: “While services receive payments under the Relief Package, they should not be changing their service offer and/or increasing or adding new administrative fees.”


The Basics

Finding Parents and Children Add an Enrolment
Create a Booking Formalise an Enrolment
Submitting-An-Enrolment-Start-Date Update a Daily Roll
Restarting Exited Enrolments Additional Child Care Subsidy
Submit Weekly Attendances Adding a staff member
Remove a staff member Submit IS Claims
Estimate fees Set up Digital Sign In
Parent-TAGs Session-Codes

Billing and Payments

Send Parent Statements Process Direct Debits
Process Manual Payment Import Payment File
Managing Bonds Billing in Advance
Online Registration for Payments  

Everything Web

Set up a web profile Invite a Parent to join SmartCentral
Create a Vacation Program Process Online Applications
Re-enroling Changing Email Addresses
Digital CWA Online Direct Debit Registration
When to use PULL IN  

Special Stuff

Additional Child Care Subsidy Reporting Absences
Family Daycare Updating fees on mygov
Holiday Periods and Closures CCS Fortnights
Parent Group Emails  

Reports and Extracts

Financial Reports

MYOB Accounting Exports

Other Common Questions

Personalising SmartCentral

SmartCentral has a number of options for you to tailor it to your centres specific needs.

  • Branding : upload your logo to appear on statements, web pages and in emails sent by SmartCentral for your centre
  • Message templates : control the wording inserted into emails at key communication points; Applications , Re-erolment, Statements , Payment Registration.
  • Sessions & Rooms : Define how you will charge for attendance and how you organise the children in your care.
  • Feeder Schools : Create your own list to collect information about the child’s school if needed. Use it to sort and group children in rolls.
  • Centre Specific Questions : Create additional questions specific to your services that are automatically added to new applications and child profile screens

Other Stuff

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SmartCentral Fundamentals

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Submit vacancies to CCMS

Updating Financial Details to CCMS

Updating Operational Profile to CCMS

Updating Parent Organisation Details to CCMS

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