SmartCentral provides you with the facility to block off one or more rooms on the roll for a period of time.

This allows you to stop all bookings in those rooms going on to the roll automatically in that period. This is especially useful for holiday periods as it saves you having to go into each booking and close it then open a new booking for the period after the holiday.

Instead you can just let the booking run and it will resume after the holiday.

So for example an OSHC service might halt their BSC and ASC rooms for the vacation periods. This won’t stop the VAC bookings going on to the roll but will stop the unnecessary before and after school booking from cluttering the roll up.

Another example would be a LDC or PRE service that closes for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year could put a hold on all normal bookings in that period.

Holidays are added from the Service menu. Click NEW then choose the room or rooms it applies to and the dates from and to, then click Save. The system will create a holiday period for each selected room. They can be removed individually by deleting them.

Add new holiday period

Holiday Closures and Fee Projection

The holiday closure doesn’t just affect the rolls. It’s also taken into account when calculating fee projections for statements and direct debit. This should make it simpler for centres billing in advance through a holiday period.