If you are receiving deposits into your bank account directly by parents you may wish to import a payment file rather than enter each payment manually.

Go to Extracts > Payment File Import

To do this the import file must be correctly formatted.

  • It must be a .CSV file
  • Column 1 is the Date [YYYY-MM-DD] the date format must be international format YYYY-MM-DD. The system is very picky on this and depending on how you prepare the file it may default to another format so please make sure you switch it back before saving
  • Column 2 is (optional) ProviderRef [text]
  • Column 2 is AltParentID and must match a Parent Reference Number (Parent > Direct Debit) [number]
  • Column 3 is the amount [decimal]

Example :

Date ProviderRef AltParentID Amount
2017-09-04 Transfered from XXX 757 100
2017-09-04 Transfered from ABC 127 99.50
2017-09-04 Transfered from XYZ 29 85