If you are receiving deposits into your bank account directly by parents you may wish to import a payment file rather than enter each payment manually.

Go to Extracts > Payment File Import

To do this the import file must be correctly formatted.

  • It must be a .CSV file
  • Column 1 is the Date [DD/MM/YYYY]
  • Column 2 is (optional) ProviderRef [text]
  • Column 2 is AltParentID and must match a Parent Reference Number (Parent > Direct Debit) [number]
  • Column 3 is the amount [decimal]

Example :

Date ProviderRef AltParentID Amount
04/09/17 Transfered from XXX 757 100
04/09/17 Transfered from ABC 127 99.50
04/09/17 Transfered from XYZ 29 85