Updates to SmartCentral: Coming Soon

Posting Date vs Transaction Date

A set of improvements are being developed to give services more individual control over when transactions become ‘set in stone’, a critical factor for reliable financial reporting. Particulalry in relation to end of period reporting.

  • Allow an organisation to choose the length of the lockdown for manual payments / misc fees.
    Currently it defaults to 1 week for all organisations.
    The options will be: same day , 1 week, 2 weeks , 4 weeks.
  • Allow staff to edit manual payments and misc fees within the lockdown limit (not just delete)
  • If the transaction is back dated to no more than the lockdown period, set the posting date to be the transaction date
  • Allow option to run the payment report by transaction date or posting date, not just posting date
  • Allow option to exclude projected fees from balance owing report

Collectively these changes address a number of feedback points raised over the last few weeks.