Importing transactions from SmartCentral into MYOB is a simple process done using the MYOB import / export assistant in the MYOB file menu.

  1. Start the import / export wizard from the file menu
  2. Select ‘Import Data’
  3. Set the import source to ‘General Journal Entries’ and select the file exported from SmartCentral
  4. Select ‘Data is separated by TABS’ and ‘The first line of the file contains HEADERS OR LABELS’
  5. Link the fields in the SmartCentral file (left window) with the appropriate fields in MYOB (right window)
    Note: Any fields in SmartCentral not linked to corresponding fields in MYOB will be ignored. If using CATEGORY codes, make sure that is linked.
  6. BACK UP YOUR FILE !!! - Even if you back up your file regularly we strongly recommend you do a backup now before the import.

  7. IMPORT !