This group of tabs allow you to configure your Organisation setup in SmartCentral to understand your MYOB General Ledger and then export information regularly from SmartCentral to MYOB.

To do this there are 3 separate functions. The first 2 are only needed to set the system up. The 3rd tab is used to export the data when needed.


Use this tab to import your MYOB General Ledger codes;

- Export your GL accounts into a file accounts.txt
- Open the file and check the first line, if {} delete that line
- Import the accounts.txt file

Import the accounts.txt file


Once the accounts.txt file has been imported, train SmartCentral which GL codes to use for parent payments , government payments, miscellaneous fees , bonds etc;

  • select the relevant code from each drop down box

Map MYOB GL Codes


Now that SmartCentral is fully trained just choose your date range and click Export. The file output is ready for immediate import into MYOB all correctly coded.