Required reports

  1. Children > Child Information Summary
  2. Misc > Active Bookings
  3. Debtors > Current Balances
  4. Contacts > Contact Quick List (children with bookings)

These reports can all be extracted to excel. Choose Datasheet option and email to support.

QK represents debts as negative numbers.

Transfering QK Balances and Bonds

QK holds bonds and bond payments in a separate parallel account to the main parent balance account.

So from QK you need 3 pieces of information for each parent

Q1: Parent Balance in main account
Q2: Total Bond Liability
Q3: Total Bond Payments

These map into the SC import columns

SC1 : balance = -(Q1 + Q3) SC2 : bond = Q2


Required Reports

  1. Current Debt including estimates

KW Represents debts as positive numbers