Frequently asked questions for SmartCentral Mobile:

  • How do I install the SmartCentral Mobile app?
    SmartCentral has been designed to install directly from the web link. No need to worry about ‘app stores’ or ‘install updates’.

** Click on the link tap the options menu and select ‘Add to Home screen’ and then tap ‘Add’. Done !

  • How do I view recent payments and charges?

  • Can I view my last statement?

  • Email notifications aren’t getting to me. What can I do?

  • I want to book an extra day. Can I find a vacancy and book it?

  • I need to update details about my child, how do I do that?

  • I’ve already submitted all my details for one child, do I really need to do it all again for the next one?

  • I was part way through an application when I got interrupted. How to I go back and finish the application I started? Surely I don’t have to start from scratch?