To re-enrol your child you would already have an existing enrolment (else see staff about applying to attend for the first time).

Log on to SmartCentral’s Parent Portal, as usual, via Use your email as login. Your password is either your mobile number, the password you changed it to or you may need to use the forgot password:

Once logged in, select “applications”. Then select the relevant incomplete application (if there is more than one sibling, there will be more than one incomplete application)

Once selected it will say “review” or “withdraw”. Withdraw deletes the application, so avoid that.

Review opens up the application in the review part of the menu.

Parents can review the current application by scrolling down, and if any changes are required for any section, they can select the relevant part of the application from the left hand side menu.

Scroll to the top to see Parent, child, booking, etc in a menu (left hand side). Beside’s parent/child contact information and the new bookings you wish to re-enrol for, it’s very important to make sure health & authorisations have also been reviewed, and if relevant changed, to reflect up to date information.

Once you are happy with all the application changes, you can select review, scroll to the bottom and submit.