First Time Setup

In order to process direct debits you must first:

  1. Set up your direct debit details - contact the support team for an Activation Form, then support will set this up for you once the details have been supplied by Childcare EasyPay (CEP).

Help Video to personalise your DD registration email

Parent Setup - Online Registration

This is by far the easiest way to do it and the one we recommend for all centres.

All the steps are carried out online and you dont have to handle credit card information.

Bulk Registration

Go to the parent list. At the top of the screen is a button labled ‘Setup Direct Debit’. Any parent without Direct Debit already set up will be emailed with instructions to follow to set up their direct debit.

Parents follow the link in the email and complete the process. Entries are automatically created in SmartCentral and Childcare EasyPay. The link will be activated automatically once completed. You will receive an email from CEP advising when a parent completes this task. There is nothing you need to do.

Individual Registration

Open the individual parent’s record. Click ‘Request DD Registration/Request DD Update’ . You can use this to register new parents and also if an existing parent needs to update their Direct Debit details.

The parent will be emailed the link and complete the process the same as if this was a bulk operation.

Parent Setup - Manual

This is the older process but it’s still supported if you prefer to do all the work yourself.

  1. Set up your parents in SmartCentral

For each parent, go to the Direct Debit tab on the parent’s profile and tick the option to enable Direct Debit. You must also set the Direct Debit Parent Reference Number.

Generally you should use the SmartCentral Parent ID displayed in the browser address bar at the end unless your parent references were set up in the CEP portal previously. In this case check with Support for the best way to proceed.

You may also set up the frequency and filter otions for this parent. These will help you separate parents into groups for billing for example if you bill some parents fortnightly and others monthly.

  1. Activate your parents on the Childcare EasyPay portal

Sign in to the CEP portal and create a parent record, including payment method, for each parent. It is very important to make sure the parent id entered in the CEP portal is exactly the same as the one entered in SmartCentral on the Parent profile Direct Debit page.

Creating a payment run

Go to Extracts > Direct Debit and click the Add button. On the create payment batch screen select the appropriate date to bill up to and the weeks forward to project if you are billing in advance. You may also restrict the parents to be included in this run by setting the frequency and filter options if you have previously set these up on the parent profiles

Checking a payment run

You should always make sure that the amount recorded in the system matches the amount that is depositied in your bank account. Even though it is rare it is possible that payments can be rejected well after processing is complete. If this does happen a manual adjustment may be required. Contact Support if there is a discrepancy.

To check a payment run go to Extracts > Direct Debit and download the batch report for the payment run you wish to check. Compare the total Success amount with your bank deposited amount. These should match. Also not any failed transactions and the reason as you may need to take steps to recify.

Any payments that are card based should be finalised next banking day. For direct funds transfer it usualy takes 3 banking days.