When parents create online applications you can access them through the Applications menu.

An indicator will appear next to the menu item to show the number of applications that are Submitted and waiting to be processed. Depending on where the application is in its lifestyle an application the application will be under the appropriate tab.

Application Status

  • Incomplete - The parent has started the application but not yet finsihed and submitted it

  • Submitted - The parent has input all the mandatory information and clicked Submit

  • Waitlisted - The applciation has be reviwed by a staff member who has determined the application is ok but cant be accepted at this time, usually as there isn’t a vacancy

  • Information Requested - A staff member reviewed the application and determined some information was inaccurate or incomplete (eg the file attached is not what was asked for). It has been refered back to the parent for action

  • Approved - The application has been reviewed and accepted. Parent, Child, Enrolment and Booking details have all been created or updated as needed. No further action is required.

If an application is rejected it is removed from the system.

To process an application click on its Application ID (left most column) to open the application. From here you can review all the details of the application. Action buttons at the top of the application allow you process the application appropriately.


Only those action buttons which are relevant to the stage that the applciaiton is in will appear. For example an applciation that is Incomplete does not have an Approve button.

  • Edit - Occaisonally you will spot obvious typos in the key matching information. Matching information helps the system identify if this application relates to an existing parent / child that needs updating or if they are new. Matching information are: Parent & Child first name , last name , Date of Birth , CRN as well as parent mobile number. Use the Edit action to correct the matching information before approving to ensure the application is processed correctly.

  • Waitlist

  • Request More Information

  • Approve

  • Reject

  • History - Display the time line of actions for this application.

  • Download PDF - Extract the applciation information as a PDF that can be printed or emailed