*Note : the information captured below has been gleaned from the QKFS document

“Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme Guide for QGrants Quarterly Claims – Long Day Care” - March 2021

it may be subject to change

QKFS have introduced some additional reporting requirements for 2021 relating to enrolment numbers and attended hours.

QKFS Attendance Details

QKFS Other Details

Reporting requirements now includes information on attended hours even though this isnt going to be used for determination of funding it is now required to be reported.

The good news is most of this information is already captured in SmartCentral. Unfortunately some additional information is required.

Additional Data Requiements

Specifically we need

  • the start and end time of the preschool program component
  • if the child fits into the ‘other’ category for QKFS (Health Care Card, Pensioners Concession Card, Dept of Verterans Affairs or multiple Births)

Information will shortly be added to explain how this data needs to be recorded.

Business Rules

  • Centres submit reporting quarterly in arrears
  • Centres may only claim for up to 40 weeks per calendar year but they can choose which weeks eg 10 weeks every quarter but its not a requirement to claim the same number of weeks each quarter only that the total may not exceed 40
  • Funding only covers 15 hrs per week per child .
  • If a child attends additional hours of a preschool program in a given week then the excess hours are not to be reported
  • If a child attends additional hours of care outside of the preschool sessions then those hours are not to be reportd
  • If there is no ECT present (eg the ECT normally conducting the preschool program is absent and not covered by another ECT ) then those hours are not to be reported
  • attended hours must only reflect physical attendance eg if a child is absent from a session those absent hours are not to be include, if a child is late to arrive or departs early the reported hours are decreased accordingly
  • fractions of hours are to be rounded up (but its not clear yet if that rounding is per session / per child / per week or in aggregate
  • quarters are determined in 13 week groups which may / may not align with calendar month ends
  • children attending preschool at the start of the year that graduate to school in that year must not be counted