Ratio Calculator

SmartCentral’s Ratio Calculator provides information, on the number of qualified educators required, and the required ratio of Educator(s) to child(ren) attending.

The across “Centre” and “Qualified” staff rows, use the ACECQA’s National Framework formula’s to provide the data in the tables.

Room rows, are based on the Room Ratio provided on the Room Setup Screen.

Room Ratio Setup

Room Ratio Setup

The Calculator is updated every 15 mins, using up to date staff and child sign in/out information, to update the calculator, staff attendance and ratio calculation data provided. ## Where to Find it?

The Ratio calculator is found on the Service screen

Find Ratio Calc

How does it work?

Ratios are calculated across the service (not by individual rooms) and based on the child’s date of birth, from youngest to oldest. This gives providers the flexibility to respond to the needs of children.

In a mixed age group of children, maintaining the ratio for each age range of children does not mean the educator to child ratio for the youngest age range must be applied to all children in an older age range. An educator who is caring for one age range of children, can also be counted against another age range of children, as long as the ratio for each age range is maintained and adequate supervision is maintained at all times.

ACECQA’s National Framework

To see the ACECQA’s National Framework for educator to child ratios click on the following link https://www.acecqa.gov.au/nqf/educator-to-child-ratios

Setting Up The Ratio Calculator

1) Contact Support to purchase the Ratio Calculator and to for any system setup required. 2) Add staff via a staff invite, information on roles can be found here https://wiki.smartcentral.net/Roles and how to invite a staff member here https://wiki.smartcentral.net/Adding-a-staff-member.

Invite Staff

Staff will be sent an email, with their PIN (if Signin role) and also their Login Password, if their role is “staff” or “admin”.

Staff SignIn

When Staff want to sign into or out of a room / break, they can use the tablet in the room that already displays the Parent digital Sign In screen, to navigate to the Staff Sign In screen.

Adding & Editing Staff Attendances

They then find their name and choose “sign”

Adding & Editing Staff Attendances

They add their PIN (found in their email) and Verify it

Adding & Editing Staff Attendances

Then select the room, tick it to sign in, untick it to sign out. They can sign out of a room and into a break or other activity, as well as signing out of that activity and back into a room.

Adding & Editing Staff Attendances

Using The Ratio Calculator

Adding & Editing Staff Attendances