SmartCentral has a group of features designed to make the re-enrolment process simpler and faster for parents and staff.


Set up your email template

Your reenrolment email is configured from the Account > Setup Org screen. As with other email templates it supports wiki markup so can be configured to point to any information on the web that you may have published. We recommend you include a link to the parents application page, for example:

Click [here]( to edit your application

Click here to edit your application

Check your web profile

Make sure you have an active web profile for the service you wish to issue invitations

Sending Re-enrolment invitations

Re-enrolment invitations are issued from the Parents List. Access it via People > Parents


  1. Choose the service you wish to issue invitations for from the Service Selection dropdown menu.
  2. Click on individual parent’s checkboxes to include them in the invitation or click in the checkbox in the header row to select all. You can select / un-select parents as need to get the list the way you want it.
  3. Once you have at least 1 parent selected the REENROL button will appear.
  4. When you have your selections as you want them click the REENROL button.
  5. You will be prompted to select the default reenrolment date
  6. Click Confirm

Processing Re-enrolment applications

Reenrolment applications appear in the Submitted list just like new applications. They are processed in the same way as well. Click Approve to accept the application and update the parent , child and enrolment details.