Every 6 months your PRODA device will expire and you must create a new one to keep accessing CCS from SmartCentral.

It is best to do this before the current device expires. SmartCentral will warn you of the impending expiry starting 2 weeks before the expiry date.

You will need to get the original person who registered in PRODA (or anyone else listed as having MANAGEMENT CONTROL ‘MANCON’) to log in, go to Organisations in the main screen. Not in PEP (Provider Entry Point).


Click on the blue hyperlink of the company name, scroll down to B2B devices and register a new B2B device (this will need to be done every 6 months & you are given no warning from PRODA).


It doesn’t matter too much what you enter as your device name, just pick something different from the device you are replacing. Maybe just put a number on the end.

Then enter the details here.

Then you can submit to CCS again.