Every 6 months your PRODA B2B device expires (in PRODA) and you must create a new one, then reactivate your software, to keep accessing CCS from SmartCentral.

This is best done before the current device expires. SmartCentral will warn you of the impending expiry starting 2 weeks before the expiry date.

You will need to get the original person who registered in PRODA (or anyone else listed as having MANAGEMENT CONTROL ‘MANCON’) to log into PRODA, go to Organisations in the main PRODA screen to remove the old B2B device and create another one.

Then log into PEP (Provider Entry Point) to get your PRODA person ID

Before you can connect to SmartCentral’s Child Care Software, you will need to obtain the following information:

Found in organisations:

  • New Device name
  • Device Activation Code
  • PRODA Organisation ID

Found in PEP:

  • PRODA Person ID
  • CCS Provider ID

These key pieces of information can be obtained as follows.

Your CCS Provider ID

Only required if when activating your software you get an error. The provider ID will enable SmartCentral Support to help you with your activation.

Your new CCS Provider Identity Number is found in your letter of approval which can be viewed in “My Inbox” in the Provider Entry Point (PEP). The following is an example of the “Submission Successful” page from your online application.

Or, you can find your PROVIDER ID by going into PEP (Provider Entry point), click on Action next to Provider, and it is at the top of the page (in the middle). If you are in PEP service - you can switch to Provider.

Your CCS Person ID

This is your individual identity number in the Provider Entry Point (PEP). Your CCS Person ID can be found in the banner when logged into the PEP and also in your letter of approval which can be viewed in “My Inbox” in the PEP.

Other Software Activation Codes

If you registered a software instance, after registering your organisation in PRODA, the device activation code would have been presented on the screen. The PRODA system refers to software instances as Business to Business Devices (B2B). Along with the B2B Device Activation Code, the device name & the organisation ID would also be presented.

Follow these steps if you wish to: * register a new software instance, noting to skip Steps 5 & 6, then continue up to Step 9 * regenerate a lost or expired code, noting to complete up to Step 5 only * extend the activation period for an existing period for an existing active and unexpired software instance.

Step 1. Go to the Services Australia PRODA website and Log in to your PRODA Account. This can be accessed from: servicesaustralia.gov.au/child-care-providers

Step 2. Once you log in, click ‘Organisations’ located on the right hand side of the banner.

Step 3. All providers (organisations) you are linked to will display in a list. Click on the organisation name that you wish to register a software instance and generate a B2B device activation code for, or generate a new activation code for a software instance already registered

Step 4. Details of the organisation will display, including Members, Service Providers and B2B Devices registered to the organisation. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “B2B Devices”. Any child care software instance already registered will appear in this table with its device name and status.

Step 5. To regenerate a new code for an existing “Inactive”, “Locked”, “Expired” or “Disabled” software instance, or lost code, click on the name of the software instance and click “Disable B2B Device”, then “remove B2B Device code. After that you can click on “Register New B2B Device to create a new B2B device.” Go to Step 9.

Step 6. To extend the activation period for an existing Active and unexpired software instance, click on the name of the software instance and click “Disable B2B Device”, then “remove B2B Device code. After that you can click on “Register New B2B Device to create a new B2B device.”

Note: the disable button may not be present, eg for “locked” codes, and your CCS Software Provider or PRODA Helpdesk may direct you to instead click “Remove B2B Device”. After that you can click on “Register New B2B Device to create a new B2B device.”

Step 7. To register a new software instance, click on the “Register New B2B Device” button.

Step 8. Enter the name you want to use for this software instance in the ‘Device Name’ field. Note: make sure this name is unique within your organisation and is descriptive enough for you to recognise the location/s where the software instance will be used. The name must contain acceptable characters only, and no spaces. Acceptable characters are alphabetic (abc), digits (123), underscores (_), hyphens (-), and full stops (.) Once the software instance is named, click ‘Register Device’ to obtain an activation code.

Step 9. The code generated will be presented on screen (for security reasons it is not stored and expires in 7 days). Record and provide this code along with your CCS Provider ID, CCS Person ID and the Device Name to your CCS Software Provider. Note: the Device Activation Code and Device Name is ‘case sensitive’. When entering this in software, or providing this to your CCS Software Provider, please record this exactly as it displays on the screen.

The key points to getting it right are;

1. When you activate a new device, copy & paste the 3 bits of info (code, name, & Org ID) into SmartCentral to avoid any typos.

2. DO NOT use your Person ID in the PRODA screen, you need to use your person ID in the Provider Entry Point, it’s in the top right corner of the purple screen under your name. They start with a 015…. or 020….

Then enter the details here.

Then you can submit to CCS again.

[Images and information retrieved from https://docs.education.gov.au/]