A summary of recent changes, most recent at the top.

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  • Enrolments - added option to clone relevant bookings when enrolment is cloned, esp for deemed exit vac enrolments
  • Onboarding - added bulk entry screens and csv import to facilitate rapid capture of new services
  • Accounting - added optional parent level disection of payments
  • Reports - added service level breakdown to financial reports
  • Applications - process enhancement to address CCS / CWA requirements


  • Multi-Centre functions - added functions to record and allocate payments and charges at the service level when there are multiple services in an organisation. Affects: payments, charges , dd billing , statements, financial reports , onboarding
  • Accounting - performance improvements when generating trial balance report
  • Integration - added support for ‘lastminute childcare’
  • CCS - improved software registration process to reduce data entry errors and key expiry
  • Daily Roll - added ‘In Centre’ option to roll filter , shows children who are signed in and havent been signed out. added end of day staff sign off


  • Applications - increased number of schools that may be listed to 50
  • Billing - added alt parent ref to ABA file to facilitate handling of rejected payments
  • Billing - added option to add merchant fee
  • Direct Debit - process change to facilitate sending remnders, will automatically exclude parents with a completed registration
  • Reports - fix utilisation report excluding sessions less than 1 hour in duration
  • Applications - prevent approving a new application overwriting the ‘no ccb projection’ setting for that parent
  • Statements - moved statement generation to background job to prevent large runs slowing down user experience
  • Applications - change label wording to ‘Review & Submit’ as some parents dont work out they need to submit
  • Statements - fix column width to handle when amount owing is $1000 or larger
  • Applications - allow centres to bypass mandatory data checks and ‘pull in’ a partiallyu complete application
  • CCS - added SW activation details capture
  • Integration - added support for multi-service queries to earlyworks api


  • Applications - added markdown support to required docs decriptions to allow hyperlinks
  • Applications - added improved parent / child matching and separate matching step to application approval
  • Enrolments - included ‘Submitted’ and ‘Starting’ enrolments in variou processing functions : pin generation , emergency list , ontacts
  • Billings - add option to parent profile to suppress rebate calculations on fee projection (gross fee only)
  • Notifications - push a published parent note out via email as well as on sign in. Includes a link for parent to click to confirm
  • Billing - add westpac ABA format
  • Daily Roll - added alternative layout option to printable sign in sheet


  • Portal - layout changes to help parent navigate to bookings
  • Configuration - expand school list to 10
  • Appliations - allow parent to withdraw application when at ‘information reqested’
  • Child Details - fixed layout issue preventing parent2 showing on contact tab if parents name contained an apostrophe
  • Applications - modifies wording on form to align with govt defintion of the terms
  • Enrolments - added status ‘Starting’ in non-approved services to assist centres to filter enrolments that are about to start. Equivalent to ‘Submitted’ in approved services.


  • Portal - added microsite for smartphone users
  • Portal - added casual booking option to microsite
  • Portal - added option to select which session codes are available for online requests
  • PIN Allocation - allow manual override of pin assignment
  • Applications - fixed issue where application copying resulted in unreadable bookings when copying between different service types eg VAC & ASC / BSC
  • CCMS - improved handling of CCMS timeouts
  • Applications - restrict display of custom questions to full applciation oly , remove from waitlist
  • Applications - add ‘find service’ function so parents can add additional services to their portal account
  • Statements - change enrolment filter test to use date range of the statement rather than current date to test which enrolments to include


  • Attendance Reports - fix page breaks
  • Daily Rolls - fix issue if editing a session to change room while uing room filter
  • Emergency Report - Add indicator for contact type to distinguisg emergency contact only vs allowed to collect
  • Diret Debit - layout changes to improve identification of failed payments
  • Re-enrolment - allow centres to choose whether the re-enrolment application is pre-filled with details on file or not. Useful if stored details have not been maintained.
  • Application Processing - allow ‘set tag’ operation in the approval process so parents can be put immeadidately into groups rather than require the admin to edit the parent profile after approval
  • Statements - fix formating issue when session duration doesnt decimalise neatly eg 20min = 0.333..
  • Child Profile - prevent parent1 from exited enrolments showing as a current contact
  • Payments - Added support for ABA file format


  • Digital Sign In - extend pin generation to created a unique pin for each ‘authorised to collect’
  • Digital Sign In - add ‘ink on glass’ option to digital sign in
  • Digital Sign In - add confirmable parent notes
  • Digital Sign In - add option to require ‘estimated time of departure’
  • Digital Sign In - block accidental sign outs
  • Digital Sign In - extend pin assignment across shared contacts between siblings
  • Direct Debit - improve handling of parent changing payment details via online registration
  • Integration - Added Earlyworks as an integration partner


  • Attendances - fixed issue preventing sessions being edited on the attendance screen after an attendance was cancelled
  • Transaction history - fixed layout issue that caused a reversal of a payment to show in the charges column
  • Bookings - modified booking count displayed on enrolment list / enrolment detail to only count current / future bookings not past bookings.
  • Statements - fixed ‘hrs charged’ calculation affecting non-approved services
  • Search - update search algorith to extend searching across parents and children without an enrolment
  • Re-enrolment - improved handling of re-enroling where parent did not previously have a portal account
  • Reports - fix handling of cancelled sessions in utilisation report


  • Rolls - fixed bug that could allow a session to be moved incorrectly into another week
  • Educator view - refined which options are available to role ‘Staff’. Removed option to edit / delete session, removed access to bulk functions
  • Fees reporting - updated limits on fee amounts that can be reported
  • Weekly Sign In sheets - added option to include an extra column , added option to print an individual room, added blank sheet for drop ins
  • Online - added bulk function to parent screen to send re-enrolment forms to selected parents. Email template added to Setup Org screen
  • Direct Debit - Payment gateways can now be asigned a description to help distinguish when multiple gateways are configured on the same organisation


  • Direct Debit - add support for online registration of parents
  • Online Applications - added option to hide CCMS related questions, primarily for use by non-approved services
  • Online Applications - added option to trigger a DD request when approving a new enrolment
  • Online Applications - Submitted field now shows time & date to cater for high volume submissions
  • Calendar Controls - updated all calendar controls to put Monday as first day of week


  • Direct Debit - Parent self-registration online added
  • Direct Debit - Parent registration request built in to application approval process
  • Direct Debit - Registration request email customisation added to Account > Set up Org > Direct Debit
  • Direct Debit - Added option to bulk register all enroled parents not currently registered
  • Parent List - Additional filter options added
  • Child List - Additional filter options
  • Applications - Added option to hide CCMS related questions on service profiles
  • Applications - Added option to mark custom question / document inactive without deleting it
  • Parent Profile - Added option to collect payment from an individual parent directly from the balance screen
  • Digital Sign In - Added report to allow print out of who signed child In or Out
  • Rooms - Fix bug affecting occupancy dashboard when duplicate room names used
  • Calendar Date Picker - changed to make Monday first day of week on all pickers
  • IS Claim - fixed bug that allowed user to attempt to create a claim with no weekending
  • Staff List - added phone number and last login columns
  • Child Profile - Updated format of Health details tab to facilitate printing off for review with parent
  • Emergency Report - updated layout to fit additional information
  • Emergency Report - additional filter options: medical condition , updated since
  • Emergency Report - added contact address


  • Service Creation - Improved import now auto creates session codes and bookings from attendance data
  • Attendances - Fixed display order of sessions within the attendance screen
  • Online Applications - modified to now only create accounts for parents with active or recent enrolments (last 12 months)
  • Online Application - on submision parent is now emailed with confrmation of submission as well as having message displayed on redirect page
  • Reports - additional aggregate columns and subtotals - Utilisation Report
  • Misc Fees - a miscellaneous fee may be deleted by admin (audited)
  • Weekly Attendances - added ‘download as pdf’ option to address problem with line separators not printing correctly from firefox


  • Immunisations - added module to streamline recording and reporting of child immunisation status
  • Online Application - fixed some field length restrictions preventing especially long place names being entered
  • Online Application - Medical Management Plan is now a core document
  • Child Profile - added ability to record if epipen provided and expiry date
  • Online Application - added ‘data missing’ highlighting to make it easier for staff to assist parents with incomplete applications
  • Reports - Additonal filters and dynamic subtotals added , parent payment report


  • Online Applications - improved layout of action list and buttons in response to parent feedback
  • Enrolments - Fixed bug in status update affecting some non-approved service enrolments


  • Parent Profile - Staff can now record contact notes on a parent’s profile
  • Child Profile - Staff can now attach documents to the child profile
  • Statements - Staff can now override the default email setting when creating a statement batch
  • Parent List - Expanded warning message when using Create Account function
  • Statements - fixed bug preventing correct display of enrolment that exited within the statement date range but before the statement generation date
  • Parent Details Extract - added parent filter tag , Direct Debit Frequency and Calculation Method to the extract to facilitate checking
  • Setup Organisation - added ability to preview the email template
  • Statements - modified statement generation screen to make it more obvious what range actuals apply and what is projected. Also prevent users accidentally selecting a future period for actuals.


  • Wiki - SmartCentral help wiki (this sub-site) deployed to production.
  • Parent List - fixed issue that occaisionally caused tthe same parent to be diplayed twice


  • Wailisting - Services can now configure their online applciation process to allow parents to part fill an applciation and submit a waitlist request. Service can then offer the place when it becomes available and the parent is prompted to complete the application. Added additional fields and filters to the wailist management screens to improve selecting best fit.
  • Rolls - improved handling of Make up Days


  • Parent Payments - Improved editing and audit trail for parent payments
  • Daily sign in sheet - added alternative layout from customer request
  • Wailist - wailist priority can be reassigned without leavingf waitlist
  • Import Process - fixed handling of special need affecting some imports
  • Statements - fixed Date Produced on statement showing in UTC instead of local time


  • Parent Statements - fixed display of daily hrs when additonal hrs sessions are included
  • Attendances - Added Weekly Attendance sign in sheet
  • Attendances - Added option to bulk add fees to all children with an attendance that week
  • Attendances - Fixed layout issue where session codes may be hidden when attendance is cancelled
  • Occupancy Graph - improved layout to cater for centres with more than 6 rooms
  • Rolls - fixed issue where cancelling an attendance record multiple times may lead to duplicate entries in the roll


  • Parent Portal - extended staff edit of matching details to include parent and child gender
  • Statement Generation - fixed incorrect record of email count when switching between emailing enabled / disabled
  • Fee Estimates - added link to govt fee estimator that provides CCB/CCR and CCS estimates
  • Aged Debt Report - fixed calculation of aged debt when a refund put parent balance briefly in credit


  • Parent Portal - Added bulk and individual onboarding functions to parents list and parent screen
  • Parent Portal - Service can customise content of onboarding email in the Org setup screen
  • Parent - Parent details shows status of parent portal account, if registered and last login
  • Room Setup - Service can now customise colours associated with each room in the occupancy graph
  • Statements - Weeks of projected fees now shows the daily sessions booked


  • Update security certificates and turned off support for TLS 1.0 for improved security
  • Payments - Added new payment Type Payroll Deduction
  • Parent Account - Attendance charges on parent balance now has ‘drill in’ to the attendance detail


  • Daily Roll - added filter by session code
  • Daily Roll - Sortable by Child First Name / Child Last Name
  • Daily Roll - Fix handling of Cessation of Care
  • Online Application - Staff can correct matching details before approving
  • VAC Program - mark individual activities as CLOSED
  • Online Application - REQUEST FOR INFORMATION email now contains link to the specific application


  • Online applications - improved handling of merging updates
  • Online applications - wording tweaks based on customer feedback
  • Custom Questions - view / edit on child profile
  • Online applications - improved handling when submitted details not exact match for information on file
  • Booking Report - Age calculations wrong in some situations : FIXED
  • Daily Roll - Added ‘one click absence’ column
  • Daily Roll - Added Absence count
  • Daily Roll - Added Session code column


  • Addtional tabs on Applications menu to access approved , information requested , incomplete applications
  • Earlyworks integration improvements
  • Fix occupancy graph calculations where child has multiple sessions on same day
  • Added markdown support for document descriptions
  • Additional columns on weekly attendance screen : enrolment type , parent gap amount , CRK indicator
  • Removed captialisation forcing from parent & child name fields
  • Markdown support added to document descriptions
  • Removed limit on number of weeks to project


  • Support for Vacation Programs in Parent Portal
  • Add customisable ‘Supplementary Questions’ section to online application and child profiles
  • Auto close booking when enrolment is exited
  • Added Preschool , JFA , CRK , TFH and Nominated Hours to booking for auto populating session / attendance records
  • Improved searching now includes enrolments and combines parents , children and enrolments into a single result list
  • Child and Parent pick lists now allow name searching
  • Removed restrictions on parent and child screens preventing partial updates
  • Improved Fee forecasting to adapt to sudden changes in parent’s rates
  • Modify session code from roll and attendance screens
  • Update booking report to show JFA and Preschool flags