Summary of changes, most recent at the top.

Should you want any training on any of these features, let us know in chat (bottom right hand corner of every SC page - blue chat icon)

Oct 2021

  • Sign In - Improved handling where same parent was enroled at 2 or more services at the same time
  • API - added support for child special conditions
  • API - added ‘look ahead’ support for casual sessions

Sep 2021

  • Projections - allowed staff to control posting date of projection refund
  • Projections - updated to correctly account for CCS hours on free sessions
  • Projections - fixed issue where deleted bookings were not correctly recalculated
  • Parent Comms - added option to automatically send notifications of entitlement changes
  • Parent Comms - allow bulk messaging from the immunisation dashboard
  • Digital Sign In - contacts can now sign in with own accounts. this is particularly relevant if a parent of one child is a contact for another
  • API - added parent1 and parent2 phone to the api
  • Support - resolved issue with live chat creating separate sessions when a client moves between devices

Aug 2021


  • Events TAB added to the CCS screen

Forecasting analytics - predict income and utilisation for the centre up to 12 months in advance. Request support to enable this function.

Auto Scheduler

  • Direct Debit (manual or cep),
  • invoice statements

Invoices - turn on new features via Accounts -> Setup Org -> Statements

  • Ability to create statements with attendance period or transaction period
  • Ability to display Bonds


  • Educator stmts now reflect exempted fees


  • Business continuity reports with 25% and 40% estimates calculated
  • Aug 2021 - Census Dashboard for ATSI, ESL & Disability by age grps

Misc Fees

  • Ability to future date charges, the charge isnt accrued on to the parent’s balance, until the date rolls around

Jul 2021


  • Forms TAB added to Setup Org Screen (Admin to add, Admin/Staff to use)
  • API - Ability to retrieve forms as PDF for data storage

Weekly Attn Screen

  • Allow Parent tags (DD filters) to be used on attendance screens


  • Paynow Feature: Ability for parents to adjust the amount to pay.

CCS Rates 2021/22:

  • updated ccs rates for Subsidy estimator and projector come into effect 12th July


  • An extra rounding option ‘smoothed’ which allows some ‘wiggle room if you sign in or out close to a 15 min boundary
  • ‘duration’ column added to the csv export, which is the rounded activity duration
  • Fixed issue on timesheet where the display (only) of the sum of total hrs and paid hrs was in the reverse order.
  • Able to choose which educators to send timesheets to, bulk send to all still available.
  • Distinguish casual vs permanent staff for time sheeting and rostering

Analytics - Reports added for:

  • QKFS Report - Child Details. Which children contribute to the QKFS report, and whether they have QKFS+ other Question as YES. Allows the Service to check if the children are setup correctly for the QKFS Reporting.
  • Ambulance Cover. List of Children with or without ambulance Cover, plus Parent mob #
  • Utilisation Detail - Session Code - Child & Fee (last 4 weeks)
  • Children with Bookings, sorted by room
  • Chikldren’s Age In Years and Months, sorted By Room

Children Bulk Edit Screen:

  • Ability to edit gender

Parent Portal

  • New family password is now randomised (prev was mobile ph#)
  • Casual Bookings allowed

Jun 2021

Ratio Calc:

  • Implement new visual design


  • Centres to allow casual bookings in the parent app, without disallowing ‘public’ in the enrolment applications


  • ASC/BSC Make it clear for parents, which session they are signing in/out of.

Analytics - Reports added for:

  • Age Next Birthday By Room
  • COVID Tracing for current week - based on bookings only
  • COVID Tracing for previous week’s attendances

Staff Roles:

  • Finance Admin org level access to financial reports & analytics , billing / statements (eg parent profile) but not child details . no access to org settings
  • Centre Admin (Director) limited to the service’s Weekly atts, Ratio Calc, Forms. no access to org settings


  • Allow centre to override the subheading to appear on statements


  • Abilty to create custom forms
  • Ability to query/download forms (as PDFs) from SC, for storage in Org document management system.

Prod Fixes: - these are now fixed

  • Invoices: When PayNow is turned on, ability to still generate a file to print, if requested.
  • CCS Payments TAB: remittance data only returned for the service it belongs to.
  • Projectioned batches returns records even when no schools in the school list
  • Tap on a room, under Services, to display the list of children booked.

VAC Care / Holidays:

  • Ability to have some schools rooms marked for holidays and others remain open for ASC/BSC (eg. Not all schools have a pupil free day, so return to school ASC/BSC.)

May 2021

Analytics - Reports added for:

  • Avg number of children (Am, PM, Full day over a date range.)


  • For 4 months post an enrolment exited, statements are created, but not sent, for parents with no activity and no charge.
    • This is so statements can be created (& sent) in the bulk statement run, when CCS is withdrawn, due to absences at the end of an enrolment.
    • CCS can cease an enrolment 14 weeks after a family’s last attendance and their balance could increase from zero.

Apr 2021

Analytics- Reports added for:

  • KIM reporting,
  • QKFS reporting
  • Session Formulas Discount by Child

Vac Care Brochure:

  • Multi page PDF uploads successfully, with cover image


  • enable copy from actual atts functions in production

Manual payment:

  • batches now have a ‘reject all’ option


  • Kinderloop is live
  • ChildCarers, KindyHub, EarlyWorks, Educa, KinderLoop: now able to handle centres changing room names on bookings

Auto Schedules:

  • Attendance auto schedule job now runs at 8:30PM AEST , thats just after COB Perth but before CCS usually closes off for an update

User roles:

  • ‘finance’ now allows drill through to parent details & transactions but they can’t edit


  • fixed a rounding issue which lead to total times being under reported


  • Enable rostering from the org setup screen
  • switching this on also adds a menu link from the service screen

Mar 2021

Xero Allow SC to extract data in a format to be imported to Xero

Staff List: Allow filtering combination

Parent Portal: Allow samsung default browser through to SC

Breach Reporting: Added to SC website footer

Contactless sign in/out: Enable visitor sign in to the centre via the QR code.

FDC: ability to extend the session when children stay beyond their booked time & (if session code is hourly) recalculate session fees on the session end time change

Invoices: When the projection nets off to zero for a week ending date, exclude it from the statement

Account Management: Added ability to choose permanent closure of service

Online Applications: Parent - Ability to see and start an application in any active profile for multi service organisations (even if no previous application exists)

via Setup Org:

  • ability to choose which booking types are allowable on a profile
  • by default all booking types are allowed but this can be updated to limit a profile to a booking type, or a combination. * eg. only vac programs (and if in this example there are no active vac programs, then no booking can be completed against this profile)
  • Ability to make rooms public or private (to match session codes)

Feb 2021

ChildScreens: Allow documents submitted by parents to be deleted. Re-enrol Applications staff need to select the correct service profile for re-enrolments, so parents get the correct application if they have more than one type - full or waitlist.

Setup Org: Allow staff to update the variables in the Digtal Signin Kiosk Display section. Only accessible by support & admin roles.

*CCS Submissions: Prevent double submit of informal (Receive or CWA no CRNs) enrolments

  • Online Applications: Protect application from updating after its submitted. ‘prefill user application’ now able to handle enrolment ids being copied into a new application.
  • Timesheet Updates: Default date for week ending is the day of the week set as “week ending”, not the sunday.
  • Individual time sheets are now in date order
  • Invoices - Statements created, but not sent, for parents with no activity and no charge (See May 2021)
  • Invoices - Show session code formula discounts (eg kindy funding) on statements, description optional
  • Projections - Updated Projections to cater for timezone differences in “projection create time/date” so they are included in AEST statement date/time range.
  • Reports - updated bus run lists
  • API Interfaces - Staff (who are not parents) no longer sent to Earlyworks as a parent
  • Child Care Finder: Removed ‘https://’ in the profile url, as child care finder already adds this to the URL.
  • COVID Payments - Provide links to each 90 days period.History only returned if selected.
  • Privacy policy: updated
  • Enrolments - Allow non approved enrolments to use the CWA processes.
  • Contactless SignIn/Out - allow staff to sign in / out using the QR code
  • Vendor Logo & home screenlink - Top left of the screen, swap out the SC logo, and display vendor logo with home link, relevant to API (interface) settings.

Jan 2021

  • Session Formulas - expanded formula options to include new variables allowing automatic calculation of fee adjustments due to arrival and departure times: early - number of whole minutes signed in before session start late - number of whole minutes signed in after last session end total - number of whole minutes from first sign in to last sign out

  • CCS submission - Improved handling if client attempts to edit a session for an attendance that has just been queued to submit

  • Parent Portal - improved messaging if parent attempts a password reset and the password doent meet minimum criteria

  • Reports - Added display and filter options to include contacts email addresses on Child Details reports , added dedicated bus lists , modified layout of booking report to allow more room for notes option when used

  • Health TAB - ability to view and select an older immunisation document and make it current.

Dec 2020

ACCS - Improved handling of ‘Cancel Certificate’

Parent Portal - streamlined process for ‘new applciation’ to direct parent to copy an application in the create process when they have one

Custom Questions - Improved formatting for numbered and unnumbered lists

Reports - Added ‘All Services’ option to aged debt report

Enrolments - by default the enrolments lists now are filtered to exclude enrolments that exited more than 6 months ago. Option also added to show all.

Re Enrol - Several improvements to streamline re-enrol activity. Added as bulk action on Enrolments list , re-enrols can now be sent to children without active enrolments, mode customisation options in email message, allow centre to specify which profile to connect the appliction to

CCS - fixed inacuracy in vacancy calculation when a room is marked inactive while still having active bookings

CCS - improved handling where a ‘no-care’ session times out during submission due to slow ccs performance

ACCS - introduced colour coding to warn when certificates and determinations are about to or have expired

Nov 2020 CCS - added automated store and forward for attendance submitts when CCS is offline. This also addresses issues with scheduler skipping a submit if CCS is down.

CCS - modified warning message for key extensions to point clients to extend the key

Fee Formulas - Implemented gross / net fee switch on session formulas as some state funding can be applied to the gap

Daily Roll - removed session fee from educator view of daily roll

Session Fees - fixed bug relating to recalculation of fees for sessions with hourly rates and complicated bookings when session name is changed

Enrolments List - added DD column and DD request notification date to make it easier to track who has completed DD registration

Exports - updated export for Westpac MTS file format

CCS - Added support for CCS ‘Extend Device’ functionality, no longer need to create a new device each time the device expires

Integrations - Added Kindyhub as an integration partner

Daily Rolls - fixed issue where new layout doent work correctly on very old devices. Implement switch to older version (older version does not support emailing). Automatic on detection of old browser but also can be forced on from Account > Org Setup

Parent Messaging - Optional message to parent when child is signed in to room

Parent Messaging - Expanded option to allow sign in pop up to go to other contacts

Staff Details - Added detailed profiles to staff covering , Training & Qualififcations , Reminders , Regulatory checks such as WWC esp for FDC educator requirements

Oct 2020 Parent Portal - implemented version 3.0 connected to QR codes, new layout and parent experience Service Dashboard - allow room stacking on service dashboard to better combine current and waitlisted bookings Reports - added epipen expiry date to child details report Users - added extra staff qualification levels: observer / non-contact Daily Rolls - major layout update , more consistent with other list screens , added emailing functionality to rolls Daily Rolls - fixed issue with counts not updating with fitler settings Messaging - send notification to parent when a child is signed in. Option is turned on in the room setup so can be enabled for specific rooms eg ASC Payemnts - implemented optional ‘Pay Now’ functionality on statements. Switched on from ‘Account > Org Setup’ : ‘Statement’ - ‘Display Pay Now button on the statement’. requires CEP to be active. Search - extended global search to perform name and email searches on parent 2 and contacts Child Details - modified PDF export to better cope with situations where same child is enrolled with 2 (or more) parents ie shared custody arrangements Applications - Hide the ‘school’ question if the school list is empty. Hide ‘allow casual bookings’ question if the ‘hide CCMS questions’ option is enabled Sign In - added print option for daily QR code with optional ‘message of the day’ Daily Roll - added ‘Room’ as an uption in the bulk edit function Timesheets - added option to specify prefered week ending day on staff time sheets Account > Org Setup : “Timesheet week ends on” Applications - ‘request for information’ applications are now marked ‘withdrawn’ rather than deleted after 8 weeks of inactivity. This allows them to be restarted Sep 2020 Projections - updated formula so that free session dont count towards CCS hrs Parent Comms - allow centres to select if parents will be notified of changes to CCS absence count Projections - centres can now optionally back date projection changes / refunds. Helps in multi-week projections FDC - changed sort order on educator statemetns to follow start times Sign In - Updated option to hide sign in code when the feature is disabled API - Implemented KindyHub integration Reports - fix layout issue in pdf version of booking summary report Sign In - extended contactless sign in to all authorised contacts Live Chat - fixed issue with conversation persistance when moving between devices Sign In - streamlined process for parent signing in multiple children via contactless Parent Comms - enabled bulk messaging from the immunisation dashboard Projections - fixed issue with projections for deleted bookings not updating correctly Ratio Calculator - implemented predictor functions to estimate requried staffing level in advance Aug 2020 Booking Report - Updated layout to minimise the number of rows when a child has a mix of casual and permanent bookings with the same code and cater for booked absences. Sign In : changed Est Departure time from text field to pick list CCS - changed Session subsidy report to cater for new fin year start date of 13th july Enrolments - fixed issue preventing correctly retrieving enrolment status for RA enrolments where the same child had multiple enrolments. Projections - fixed issue regarding incorrect projection for booked absence Attendances - added shortcut from CCS payment to disection on Session Subsidy screen API - exclude sessions that are marked Cess Care or in non-contact rooms Users - added role ‘Finance’ that has access to appropriate financial report but not child / parent details API - optimised query response time , 70% reduction achieved Reports - modified income report to allow inclusion / exclusion of waived fees Sign In - staff can record an optiona text note Attendances - Added subtotals for exempted and non-exempted attendances Reports - Updated payment allocation method to make it more obvious where parent is not paying the gap Reports - optimised calculations on aged debt and balance owing reports . approx 50% improvement Jul 2020 ACCS - fixed issue preventing ACCS dets created outside SmartCentral being displayed on ACCS screen Analytics - increased update frequency for all dashboards to nightly Migrations - improved handling of bonds on import to speed up migration process further ACCS - improved end date validation & display on submission Data Centre - completed capacity upgrade Payments - modify payment registration process to display merchant fee relevant to selected card type instead of a geneeric list API - extended session query to include a time parameter so integration partners can query ‘who is in my centre right now’ Parent Comms - added option to suppress fee information on enrolment confirmation notices allowing notices to be sent when session codes are yet to be confirmed CCS Information - added service commencement date to the display to allow starting services to tell what approved start date is recorded at CCS. Sign In - added option for additional question at child sign in Payments - extended ‘frequency’ field to allow centres to create their own options Fees - updated fee waiver process to cater for special conditions in VIC centres Projections - extended Session formula functions to fee projections Sign In - include contact name in the visibility rule (max characters) ACCS - updated document attach function to prevent accidentally attaching a document of the wrong doc type Jun 2020 MYOB - updated to support V 2020.1 MYOB - added support for service level category mappings NON-CCS Services - added ‘finalise’ to align with CCS services and allow for extension of session formulas Session Codes - extended session formulas to NON-CCS services (PRESCHOOLS) Scheduled Jobs - Added Attendance Submit / Finalise as a job type CCS Estimator - Added Hourly Cap Rates for new financial year Child Details - added extract to allow full child details to extracted into a PDF Session Reports (Attendances) - added extra absence reason codes in preparation for CCS rules coming in to effect on 13th July May 2020 Implement page level help button next to chat button. Button will activate as help pages are enabled. Fixed issue preventing ‘Preview’ working correctly in some email templates Fixed Bug affecting parent acknowledgements of emails Enhanced view of FDC educator bookings Simplified process for PRODA key renewal Added new question type ‘List’ which allows user to set a pick list for custom questions Added optional covid Fee Waiver process to accounting extract Fixed issue where re-enrol applications could be sent as ‘waitlist’ if centre has both waitlist and full application profiles Apr 2020 Added Ability to send parents a group email, either to all or by selecting one or more parents Reduced frequency of calls to PRODA to minimise impacts of poor PRODA response times Added multi-select capability to enrolment list Exposed CCS absence count to Attendances and Enrolments lists Added screen to track ECEC payments Provided function to ‘Finalise’ attendances in lockdown period Expanded reporting on supplementatry Questions Added Contactless Signin Expanded Session Formulas to handle ‘Day 5’ discounts Amended Covid Fee waiver process to cater for Preschools Mar 2020 Added session formulas to cover QKFS and multi-session discounting amoung others Vac programs now have activity level capacity and auto close options When contacts are displayed on the child details report there is a summary of their authorisations More options on child details report Ability to choose an individual child on the attendance report Lockdown Period for editing/deleting manual payments/charges, and matching date to posting date. Select lockdown period (1 day, 1, 2 or 4 weeks) in Account -> Setup Org Entitlement Notifications. Turn on the email notification in Account -> Setup Org School Age child attending ZCDC Service Feb 2020 Enrolment CSV download now synchronised with filter settings on enrolments list - what you see is what you get Additional protection to prevent starting a projection update while previous one is still running New analytics report Income Detail added to compare Income and Utilisation Jan 2020 Gosh, we are in the 3rd decade of the 21st century already !

Added notification message on application receipt page for parent to check in junk/spam folder Additional protection on submit buttons to prevent accidental double click Parent 1 street address now inclued in aged debt csv to aid debt recovery activity Centres using session bookings can access all sessions, not just public ones, when approving applications Service filter added to aged debt report and added as a column in aged debt csv Dec 2019 New Fee Projection & Improved Period Close NOV 2019 Rolls - fixed date selection issue which drilled down into the next week when a Sunday was selected Enrolments - added ABSENCES tab , provides list of all absences recorded for the child in the current and prior fin years Reports Remittance Report - added columns to csv export , date paid & week ending FDC Fixed layout issue on statement where header row didnt display correctly on page 2 Allow delete of statment batches Parent Portal - improved layout of booking screen when displaying multiple sessions or vac programs on phones Navigation - added direct link to this page from the help menu Applications Supplementary Questions - centres can now control which supplementary questions are required (mandatory) on the application form Application List - added Service filter to the application processing screens. When a service is selected in the drop down an application will appear in the filtered list if the parent selected that service as a preferance or they didn’t specify any preference. CCMS questions - superfluous CCMS questions (parent activity, number of children in care) removed from main application forms. Centres requiring similar information are recommended to add to the supplementary question section. OCT 2019 Attendances - fixed an issue interfering with adding a session to a week that had previously been submitted with no care provided (no sessions) Enrolments - relaxed the test for booking change warnings so it doesnt create a false alarm if the session code name is edited or a second code is created with the same maximum amount Entitlements - Session subsidy screen now shows entitlement history so you can see when a parent’s entitlement changed and to what Applications - ‘consent to medical attention’ is now an obligatory ‘Yes’. Parents may not continue the application if they are unwilling. Advise parents to contact the centre directly to discuss if they have an issue. In most cases (eg religous objections) it can be resolved by the parent recording any care directives under ‘Special Needs’ Applications - adjusted layout of the application to work better on small devices, the navigation menu now takes up a much smaller area ### SEP 2019

MYOB - relaxed restrictions on account types that can be mapped AUTHORISED NOMINEES - improved matching to detect extra spaces in name fields

PAYMENTS - extra protection against accidental double entry

Sign In - added filter to sign in page so centres can check who should be in the centre

Applications - improved highlighting of changes to parent & child details in the application approval process

Download PINS:

  • moved this function into the ‘select parent’ area.
    • This allows services to extract for individual parents or per service

Parent Portal:

  • added service search bar to applications tab if the parent doesnt have any applications currently

Admin Roll - fixed issue where a trailing space in room code , session code or school code caused the filter not to work properly


  • added optional handling of CCS reassignment between FDC educators
  • parent transaction and misc fee report now show the educator ID
  • Educator statement now includes the child’s entitlement information

Staff Sign In:

  • fixed issue that sometimes caused the Responisble Person to be signed out by next staff signing in
  • released timesheet generating and approval process to link up with staff sign in and the ratio calculator

AUG 2019:

STAFF SIGN IN - basic timesheeting and CSV export

DAILY ROLLS - Extra filter options on staff and parent rolls to identify children NOT YET ARRIVED or DEPARTED

PARENT DETAILS - extra option to download PINS in a csv for a single service or selected parents

SESSION SUBSIDY - display financial year totals

FEE PROJECTION - fixed incorrect estimation in some preschool scenarios

STAFF MANAGEMENT - improved method of registering new staff with ‘inviation’ and ‘reset’ functions added

RATIO CALC - improved some layout items based on user feeedback

New Starts- Children who have just started or are about to for the first time


  • Improved highlighting of changes in the approval process
  • Restart approved / rejected applications via ‘Pull In’


  • allowed cration of regular booking with no days selected to allow children to be regarded as active for that period even if they have no fixed days
  • removed enrolment date restrictions from booking date picker


  • Improved CCS allocation to correctly bypass zero fee sessions. Provided manual overrid of CCS allocation
  • improved handling of zero fee sessions for educators caring for own children to prevent recurring exits
  • implemented date of effect for levy rates to allow correct calculation when rate changes during the year
  • fixed issue related to sessions starting / ending at midnight calculating incorrect session duration

Childcare Finder:

  • Improved input of fee structures

Direct Debit:

  • Settlment Report - Reconciliation report for funds deposited to the centre’s account from CEP (Childcare EasyPay).
  • Displays batch parameters and user who intiated

Extended Absences

  • Children who are still active but havent been physically present for 3 weeks or more

Reports and Analytics- added new reports & dashboards:

  • Occupancy Trends - Trends of number of sessions by date and room
  • Income Trend Weekly Summary - a variation on the fee income report that makes it easier to see weekly totals and then drill down to the days in a specific week
  • Attendance Summary - Lists attendances not submitted or in editing or failed to submit
  • Waitlist Summary - Lists all applications currently on the waitlist in an exportable format
  • ATSI Census - Count of currently enroled children by their ATSI status
  • Preschool Census - A count of enrolments with a ‘Preschool’ indicator on at least 1 booking
  • Parent Occupation Census - Count of parents with active enrolments in each occupation
  • Utilisation Dashboard - Shows utilisation graphically and in tabular format
  • AGED DEBT Report - (On the Parent Screen) Download the report by select the ID of one, more or all Parents and Download CSV button is the Aged Debt Report
  • Late Report:

    • Identifies all children signed out after the session end time during the previous 3 months.
    • List can be filtered by Service , date range and minutes late.
  • Child Details Repot - modified the period emergency report so that the child’s contacts are now an option making the report more flexible
  • Remittance Report - added search by date range allowing a report to be run when you don’t know the remittance number
  • Booking API - modified the bookings api used by some integrated products to cut off bookings as soon as the end date is reached instead of 1 week later