A summary of recent changes, most recent at the top.

Coming Soon

  • Additional service level filters in reports
  • Configurable child details report - pick your own details
  • Last Minute bookings - new module to fill short term casual vacancies
  • Improved Fee Projection - fee projection revamped and extended to live transaction history

Dec 2018

  • Persistent statement notes
  • Automatic pruning of stale applications at 8 weeks
  • Improved error messaging when enrolments or attendances fail to submit
  • Show child as absent on digital sign in roll
  • Staff can create a pin to sign children in/out directly on digital roll
  • New account type ‘SignIn’ only has access to the digtal roll
  • Adjust fee projection to correctly allow for holiday closures
  • Add ‘Sign on Glass’ option to digital sign in to capture real signature
  • Fixed issue preventing full update to childcare finder
  • Improved handling on parent portal for slow network access
  • Improved handling of network issues on CEP batch submission

Nov 2018

  • Updates to roll for FDC educators , selective printouts
  • Customise when supplementary questions are visible - waitlist , main application or staff only
  • Add alt child id and included them in ccs payments extract for import into school accounting systems
  • Electronic CWA notices - improved wording and tracking of history plus manual acknoledgement option
  • Improved auto allocation of DD payments in multi-service organisations
  • Added warnings for expiring / expired PRODA keys
  • Enrolments extract now includes parent 2 details
  • Online applications - multi session bookings
  • Holiday periods - close rooms for settable date range preventing sessions being automatically generated and fees being projected in those periods
  • Balance owing report - extra filter options , view all in credit / debit
  • Fixed time showing on screen in parent notes not calculating time zone correctly