A summary of recent changes, most recent at the top.

May 2020

  • Implement page level help button next to chat button. Button will activate as help pages are enabled.
  • Fixed issue preventing ‘Preview’ working correctly in some email templates
  • Fixed Bug affecting parent acknowledgements of emails
  • Enhanced view of FDC educator bookings
  • Simplified process for PRODA key renewal
  • Added new question type ‘List’ which allows user to set a pick list for custom questions
  • Added optional covid Fee Waiver process to accounting extract
  • Fixed issue where re-enrol applications could be sent as ‘waitlist’ if centre has both waitlist and full application profiles

Apr 2020

  • Added Ability to send parents a group email, either to all or by selecting one or more parents
  • Reduced frequency of calls to PRODA to minimise impacts of poor PRODA response times
  • Added multi-select capability to enrolment list
  • Exposed CCS absence count to Attendances and Enrolments lists
  • Added screen to track ECEC payments
  • Provided function to ‘Finalise’ attendances in lockdown period
  • Expanded reporting on supplementatry Questions
  • Added Contactless Signin
  • Expanded Session Formulas to handle ‘Day 5’ discounts
  • Amended Covid Fee waiver process to cater for Preschools

Mar 2020

Feb 2020

  • Enrolment CSV download now synchronised with filter settings on enrolments list - what you see is what you get
  • Additional protection to prevent starting a projection update while previous one is still running
  • New analytics report Income Detail added to compare Income and Utilisation

Jan 2020

Gosh, we are in the 3rd decade of the 21st century already !

  • Added notification message on application receipt page for parent to check in junk/spam folder
  • Additional protection on submit buttons to prevent accidental double click
  • Parent 1 street address now inclued in aged debt csv to aid debt recovery activity
  • Centres using session bookings can access all sessions, not just public ones, when approving applications
  • Service filter added to aged debt report and added as a column in aged debt csv

Dec 2019

NOV 2019

  • Rolls - fixed date selection issue which drilled down into the next week when a Sunday was selected
  • Enrolments - added ABSENCES tab , provides list of all absences recorded for the child in the current and prior fin years
  • Reports
    • Remittance Report - added columns to csv export , date paid & week ending
  • FDC
  • Fixed layout issue on statement where header row didnt display correctly on page 2
  • Allow delete of statment batches
  • Parent Portal - improved layout of booking screen when displaying multiple sessions or vac programs on phones
  • Navigation - added direct link to this page from the help menu
  • Applications
    • Supplementary Questions - centres can now control which supplementary questions are required (mandatory) on the application form
    • Application List - added Service filter to the application processing screens. When a service is selected in the drop down an application will appear in the filtered list if the parent selected that service as a preferance or they didn’t specify any preference.
    • CCMS questions - superfluous CCMS questions (parent activity, number of children in care) removed from main application forms. Centres requiring similar information are recommended to add to the supplementary question section.

OCT 2019

  • Attendances - fixed an issue interfering with adding a session to a week that had previously been submitted with no care provided (no sessions)
  • Enrolments - relaxed the test for booking change warnings so it doesnt create a false alarm if the session code name is edited or a second code is created with the same maximum amount
  • Entitlements - Session subsidy screen now shows entitlement history so you can see when a parent’s entitlement changed and to what
  • Applications - ‘consent to medical attention’ is now an obligatory ‘Yes’. Parents may not continue the application if they are unwilling. Advise parents to contact the centre directly to discuss if they have an issue. In most cases (eg religous objections) it can be resolved by the parent recording any care directives under ‘Special Needs’
  • Applications - adjusted layout of the application to work better on small devices, the navigation menu now takes up a much smaller area

SEP 2019

  • Sign In - added filter to sign in page so centres can check who should be in the centre
  • Applications - improved highlighting of changes to parent & child details in the application approval process
  • Download PINS - moved this function into the ‘select parent’ area. This allows services to extract for individual parents or per service
  • Parent Portal - added service search bar to applications tab if the parent doesnt have any applications currently
  • Reports & Analytics
    • Late Report - lists children signed out after the session end time
    • Child Details Repot - modified the period emergency report so that the child’s contacts are now an option making the report more flexible
    • Remittance Report - added search by date range allowing a report to be run when you don’t know the remittance number
  • Booking API - modified the bookings api used by some integrated products to cut off bookings as soon as the end date is reached instead of 1 week later

  • Admin Roll - fixed issue where a trailing space in room code , session code or school code caused the filter not to work properly
  • FDC - added optional handling of CCS reassignment between FDC educators
  • FDC - parent transaction and misc fee report now show the educator ID
  • FDC - Educator statement now includes the child’s entitlement information
  • Staff Sign In - fixed issue that sometimes caused the Responisble Person to be signed out by next staff signing in
  • STAFF SIGN IN - released timesheet generating and approval process to link up with staff sign in and the ratio calculator

AUG 2019

  • AGED DEBT Report - (On the Parent Screen) Download the report by select the ID of one, more or all Parents and Download CSV button is the Aged Debt Report
  • STAFF SIGN IN - basic timesheeting and CSV export
  • DAILY ROLLS - Extra filter options on staff and parent rolls to identify children NOT YET ARRIVED or DEPARTED
  • PARENT DETAILS - extra option to download PINS in a csv for a single service or selected parents
  • APPLICATIONS - Improved highlighting of changes in the approval process
  • APPLICATIONS - Restart approved / rejected applications via ‘Pull In’
  • MYOB - relaxed restrictions on account types that can be mapped
  • AUTHORISED NOMINEES - improved matching to detect extra spaces in name fields
  • DIRECT DEBIT - Displays batch parameters and user who intiated
  • PAYMENTS - extra protection against accidental double entry
  • FDC - fixed issue related to sessions starting / ending at midnight calculating incorrect session duration
  • SESSION SUBSIDY - display financial year totals
  • FEE PROJECTION - fixed incorrect estimation in some preschool scenarios
  • BOOKINGS - removed enrolment date restrictions from booking date picker
  • BOOKINGS - allowed cration of regular booking with no days selected to allow children to be regarded as active for that period even if they have no fixed days
  • STAFF MANAGEMENT - improved method of registering new staff with ‘inviation’ and ‘reset’ functions added
  • RATIO CALC - improved some layout items based on user feeedback
  • FDC LEVY - implemented date of effect for levy rates to allow correct calculation when rate changes during the year
  • FDC CCS - improved CCS allocation to correctly bypass zero fee sessions. Provided manual overrid of CCS allocation
  • Childcare Finder - Improved input of fee structures
  • FDC - improved handling of zero fee sessions for educators caring for own children to prevent recurring exits

  • ANALYTICS - added new reports & dashboards
    • Income Trend Weekly Summary - a variation on the fee income report that makes it easier to see weekly totals and then drill down to the days in a specific week
    • Attendance Summary - Lists attendances not submitted or in editing or failed to submit
    • Waitlist Summary - Lists all applications currently on the waitlist in an exportable format
    • ATSI Census - Count of currently enroled children by their ATSI status
    • Preschool Census - A count of enrolments with a ‘Preschool’ indicator on at least 1 booking
    • Parent Occupation Census - Count of parents with active enrolments in each occupation
    • Late Report - Identifies all children signed out after the session end time during the previous 3 months. List can be filtered by Service , date range and minutes late.
    • Settlment Report - Reconciliation report for funds deposited to the centre’s account from CEP.
    • Utilisation Dashboard - Shows utilisation graphically and in tabular format
    • Extended Absences - Children who are still active but havent been physically present for 3 weeks or more
    • Occupancy Trends - Trends of number of sessions by date and room
    • New Starts - children who have just started or are about to for the first time